Whatever Happened to the Tory Election Fraud 2015?

Back in 2015, just after the General Election, it was claimed that the Conservative Party had misallocated spending during their 2015 general election campaign. Channel 4 News at the time reported that they had uncovered receipts that showed that the Conservative Party spent money allocated as party campaigning, which should have been assigned as candidate spending.


Electoral Commission rules state that:

Party campaign spending on campaigning to promote the party and its policies generally. For example, national newspaper adverts for the party, or leaflets explaining party policy. It also includes spending on promoting candidates at elections where the party nominates a list of candidates for a region, instead of individual candidates for local areas.

Candidate spending on campaigning to promote a particular candidate or candidates in their local area. For example, leaflets or websites that focus on one or more candidates and their views.


Channel 4 News stated that these rules had been broken, and as many as 29 MPs were being investigated by 19 Police Forces in England. Why has it all gone so quiet? The Electoral Commission released this statement last July,

“The Electoral Commission has today (15 July) announced that as part of its investigation into the Conservative and Unionist party campaign spending returns it launched on 18 February 2016, it has withdrawn its application to the high court for an information and document disclosure order. This means that there will be no hearing regarding the order. The commission has made this decision because since issuing its application to the high court on 12 May, it has received sufficient material from the party to proceed with its investigation.”

The BBC at the time also faced a Twitter back lash for their total lack of coverage which as far as I am aware has continued to this day, anyone surprised by that? I’m not because they felt that going after Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Semitic allegations within the Labour Party was more important, but where are we now with this case or cases?

It appears that we have to wait, but for how bloody long? The best I could find was a poster stating that the deadline is 9th May 2017 for Police action to be taken.


So basically two years after the election, and the original allegations, we still don’t know. Something as important as this to our democracy and something that could strip the present Tory Government of its majority and we still don’t know. What are the opposition parties doing about it? Are they also implicated or involved?

This democracy and this Government stinks.

Why are we waiting?


This is too important to be swept under the carpet!


Sent the tweet below, no reply yet. 

And this. 

No response from the above tweets but channel four have updated the state of play, click on the link below




  1. twathater

    As you indicated above, EVERYTHING has gone sooooo quiet , it is totally suspicious that non of the opposition parties including the SNP are highlighting this fraudulent criminal activity to undermine democracy. The various police forces should at least be giving updates as to what level these investigations are at , this MUST NOT be allowed to run out of time . Personally I think the electoral commission is just like the rest of the so called government. COMMISSIONS ,they are toothless and comprise of people who just want careers and big salaries , they have no real interest in ROCKING THE BOAT . When we get our indy ref 2 we need to insist on independent observers , to ensure that the things that happened in indy ref 1. e.g.hundreds of thousands of postal votes , breach of purdah rules, and don’t get me started on tRuthlesses big gob

    • Anonymous


      I did try to find out any info but nothing came up in any of my searches. I tweeted a couple of people as well but got no reply, it is also interesting that the opposition parties are quiet on this one too. Maybe they have someone involved or being looked at. I totally agree with you about independent observers for the next indy ref, that is a must, I wouldn’t trust Westminster in any shape or form and like you I am not so sure about the electoral commission. Interesting times to say the least.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Brian

    Yes, well done Bruce for not leaving this alone. I’ve emailed The Canary several times asking for updates as they went big on the “investigation” at the time. But nothing. Channel 4 too. I hate saying things like “a conspiracy of silence” as it makes me feel like an out of touch conspiracy theorist, but . . .

    • Anonymous


      Same, it’s all very quiet and that does not lend itself to anything actually happening about this. The fact that it is nearly two years down the road says it all about this so called democracy but I am surprised that the SNP have remained quiet, does this mean they are all at it?

      Thanks for commenting.


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