Liberal Hypocrisy

Some of us have been following the Article 50 debate for some time and one of the things that has really gotten on my nerves has been the Liberal Democrats, in particular Tim Farron and Willie Rennie.

But one thing that really annoys me, and I think is just the purest hypocrisy, is their call for a referendum on any Brexit deal agreed with the EU. Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats has called for one on more than one occasion.



Tim Farron also went on to say it would be “utterly despicable for this Conservative government to impose on the British people a deal that nobody voted for”.

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said If they (SNP) were genuinely interested in the EU they would back the Lib Dems efforts for a Brexit Deal Referendum to keep the UK in the EU”.

Where were they when the Smith Commission proposals became the Scotland Act, where were they when every amendment put forward to the act by Scottish opposition MPs were voted down by the Tories, where were the Liberal Democrats when it became clear to all that the Smith Commission was a sham, a lie, and a big joke. For Willie Rennie and Tim Farron democracy and referendums are only on their terms, they are full of it.

I met some decent members of the Liberal Democrats, but the party does not follow what it stands for and has two leaders who are neither Liberals or proper democrats, just hypocrites and opportunists.



  1. East Neuker

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As you know, Willie Rennie is my constituency MSP, voted for by a coalition of unionists including some of the most right wing Tories in Scotland. He is a useless hypocritical liar.
    Farron seems even stranger, with his dodgy religious views and apparent strong dislike of Scotland, but that is a view from a distance.
    I am pro remaining in the EU, which I know is not what everyone in Scotland wants, but that’s not going to happen in the UK.
    If the Scottish LD’s are pro EU the only option they have is to back independence to the hilt.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker

      I can’t stand either of them. Both are hypocrites of the worst kind, to be honest there are many in the party with the odd exception. I tweeted Fallon a few times but he only responds to the tweets he likes. Rennie is just a loser, he brings nothing to the table other than lies. He is a plank. He surrounds himself with people like the Cole Hamilton guy, grease wouldn’t stick to that guy. Check out Liberal Voice if you fancy some dillusion and a good laugh. Joining the Liberals, all be it briefly, was a total waste of time.

      I expect more of the same from the Carmichael Party, nothing that any of us should ever believe.

      Thanks for commenting.


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