I appreciate that many of you will have seen the incident below in Parliament between Alex Salmond SNP MP and the Lindsay Harvey Hoyle, Labour MP and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

Contempt for Scotland

I also appreciate many other blogs will have written about this incident and covered this far more eloquently and in more detail than I can but the more I watch it the angrier I get. The contempt shown to the SNP, to the voters who elected them, and to Scotland as a whole I think is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in watching Westminster over the years. This video should become one of our centre pieces in the next Indy Referendum, it shows in all it’s glory exactly what Scotland means to the UK, nothing but contempt. They think when they won the referendum it was over, it hasn’t even started yet. I commented on a recent blog “Not voting in Westminster Elections has a strong appeal to me in the current climate, Westminster has become more and more a not for viewers in Scotland Parliament and if we send no one to Westminster then consent has been removed and Westminster would have no mandate over Scotland at all”

I am starting to really believe that we are at this point now, maybe it’s time to set the date. Lets go next year and if the Westminster public school girls and boys try to stop us then Nicola Sturgeon should remove all of the SNP MPs from that den of lies, cheats, and right-wing xenophobes and be done with it. Westminster can’t govern without the consent of the people, right now 56 MPs represent either the SNP or independence, they want a crisis lets give them a crisis. Lets be honest here, we are not wanted in any shape or form, even the ultra yoons are not wanted, the Oxbridge lot find them as palatable as pig shit. Do you think Westminster yoons care for the mob that descended on George Square with their hate after the referendum, of course they don’t, they wouldn’t wipe the shit from their shoes on them, they are cannon fodder for the glorious union.

It’s time to call the date, it’s time to get YES2 up and running, it’s time we took the gloves off and got started because they have never stopped.




  1. Alan

    I don’t see any reasons for haste. The only danger is that A50 negotiations might be concluded earlier than the two year timeframe and I just don’t see the EU getting what it wants that quickly(nor the requisite Tory capitulation to get it). In the alternative where the Tories decide to rush into a no-deal brexit, the EU will be quite pissed off and possibly provoked.

    In the meantime, without actively campaigning, Yes has gained 3.5% in the polls. This is despite active campaigning by Scotland in Union and largely due to Westminister’s handling of Brexit. They’re throwing a hurricane of propaganda at us constantly… and still losing slowly. Not cheaply either.

    To be clearer, are you advocating calling IR2 before Article 50 has been triggered with the EU? I think IR2 will be called a matter of weeks afterwards, once it is transparently obvious the Tories have no plans to negotiate anything for Scotland.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I think that right now people are angry and Scotland’s place in the union is front and centre, we have to use that to our advantage. The yoons will be happy to let things things settle, through in a bone here and there, they know how to play us as they have been doing that for 300 plus years.

      We need to keep them on the back foot while putting more pressure on them, so lets do that. Have the next referendum on the agenda at the next conferences, set a date to debate it in parliament, make public that Holyrood is actively looking at the legislation, encourage the YES movement to up it’s status, get them and hopefully me this time, back in the city centres. Not going full hog but getting the wee blue and black books out there, raise the profile. Drop hints that if Scottish MPs are not welcome in Westminster we might remove them, walk out of parliament but during PMQs to make our point. The yoon media will slate us either way so lets up our game.

      The yoons are going to refuse another referendum anyway and that will delay things for 6 to 8 months and will no doubt end up in court, if it’s the Supreme Court we will lose so we need the EU/UN to be on our side about self determination, a refusal to hold another referendum falls into our hands and they will refuse, this Tory Government are so far up their own arse they think the sun shines only when they wake up in the morning. I think it’s time we set the agenda.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog and to comment.


      • Alan

        Have you seen this?

        I know we’re all pissed off about the state of affairs right now. But realistically, I don’t see the Scottish Government finally moving the second referendum onto the agenda until mid to late April. It was always going to be Article 50’s formal trigger plus four weeks, to allow for positions and direction of travel to become undeniably clear and locked in.

        I think we’ve waited a long time, we can wait a few more weeks. And what timing would be more splendidly calculated and measured than the first of May? May Day, simultaneously an upraised middle finger to our dear Prime Minister and a distress signal.

        • Anonymous


          Interesting what James is saying, while he wouldn’t agree with me I think that we are all thinking of all the angles and that is good. April would be fine with me as long as we keep the pressure building, we only get one more shot at this in our lifetimes and we really need to make it count but I do understand where you are coming from.

          Thanks for commenting and getting back to me.


  2. Helena Brown

    I think more and more feel the same. I have felt for many a long time that this will not end well any way, so let us do our worst.

    • Anonymous


      My thoughts too but thankfully we also have people like Alan to put across a patient view as the middle ground is no doubt where we will end up, the SNP conference should be interesting though. I am not a member but hopefully will catch some of it on the tv.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    I was angry when I saw the footage, I was even angrier when my attention was drawn to a dreadful piece in the Broken Record by Yoon cringer Torcuil Crichton who was gloating about the treatment meted out to the SNP during the debate. People like this seem to think that is how Scotland and it’s representatives deserve to be treated.

    Just let them keep treating us with contempt, because that will make independence appeal to more and more people. Hopefully then we will get new newspapers as well as new parties.

    • grumpyscottishman

      thought it was a disgrace to be honest but probably helps in the long run as surely people who voted no the last time cannot deny what is going on now. The Daily Rangers is a shocking paper and Crichton is a joke and always has been, just another Labour mouth piece, the SNP have been putting the pressure on and that they need to keep that going.

      Thanks for commenting.


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