More Red Tories

Here is Scottish Labours new slogan. 

And here is a Better Together slogan. 

And Hilary Clinton. 

We also have this. 

And this. 

I’m starting to think that Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour have no ideas of their own and just re hash what Ruth and the Tories send them. No ideas, no policies , no honour , no sense, no brains just Red Tories. 



  1. RascalRachael

    I do not trust Tories.

    I think they lie through the newspapers, more to the down trodden English than the sceptical Scot.
    And I feel bad for them.

    The Tories are doing as Noam Chomsky foretold. Under funding the social services, in order to reduce taxes. Uncaring of the implications for society. Confident they (and their cohorts) can weather the storm. Let the 99% suffer, while their newspapers confuse the meaning of the word truth. Trust funds rise and services drop.

    Divide and conquer.

    An independent Scotland could strip many resources from the Tory Elite, challenge their bonuses for palaces and bankers philosophy. Sure UKIP has many bad qualities, but working class Englishmen struggling could find a Social Democratic society, something an advert of independent Scotland would aid – look at England’s failing NHS(as per Tory plans). Scotland neither needs the benefit of English donations, nor wishes to see those south of the border suffer for her agreements. Let the 99% rise from our deference and stand. Let Scotland be Scotland and England be truly herself.

    Brexit and Scottish Independence can reward both the society England’s Robin Hood fought for and Robert Bruce’s Scotland.

    But there is no future looking to the past. Look to the future.
    Down with the Rich Few, Up with the Common Many.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, I would not trust them if my life depended on it. They look after themselves and theirs, and screw everyone else while milking the system and selling everything off to their friends. The are even happy to be out of power for a while, re-group and start where the last Tory lot got to, Labour and Liberal Democrats have both given up on any principles they ever held and are just Tory too now and don’t ever reverse anything the Tories have done. We live in a right wing hell now but we probably always have really.

      I am not a member of any political parties, I was an SNP member years ago and a member of the Scottish Liberal Democrats more recently, as I consider myself a social liberal, but both parties disappointed me but the Lib Dems more so but I recognise that the SNP are by far the best political party in the UK and the only one worth supporting in Scotland, as well as , the only way we can get our sovereignty back.

      I think we have to look to the past a little as we need to know where we have been to know where we are gong but the sooner we are out of this union of servitude the better.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog and comment.


  2. lanark

    Your closing statement applies equally to Rennies shattered remnants of a party. But at least Labour are now finally being honest and open about being Red Tories. Why not? Former voters like me will never go back, so let them fight for the dregs of the Yoon vote with the Ruth Davidson party. The more the British Nationalist vote is split, the better.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I hadn’t thought of it that way, a split yoon vote, long may that continue. The xenophobes can fight for the dregs as you say and we can just get on with fighting for a democratic and sovereign Scotland, and eventually republic. Scottish Labour are a joke though, its great. They, like the Liberals, are finished and it can’t come soon enough, once we get our sovereignty back then new parties will form and the baggage from the disgusting UK will eventually dwindle, well I hope so anyway, I despise them.

      Thanks for commenting.


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