Dundee’s very own Red Tory

I came across this tweet tonight that was put out there by Jenny Marra, Labour List MSP for North East Scotland and sadly my area.


Basically oor Jenny was endorsing an article from Stephan Daisley, so called former journalist for STV, in the Daily Mail yesterday. The article is pretty much just an anti SNP/Nationalist yoon fest, as we have come to expect from Daisley, he is about as good at writing as I am but far more right-wing than I ever hope to encounter. But oor Jenny decided to send that tweet.

Insidious – proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects.

Now Jenny Marra might think that of the SNP, it’s bollocks of course, but she is entitled to her opinion and I suppose it had an effect as I am blogging about it. In some ways it is a bit annoying coming from Jenny given that she is foisted on us from the list in Holyrood elections, she has never actually won an election and actually saw Labours vote in Dundee West go down in 2016 by 5.4% on the previous election, saying that her brother managed to reduce the vote by 24.8% in 2015 General Election so I suppose she gets family bragging rights.

But anyway I also saw this poll on Political Betting,


Scottish Labour are now 3rd in the latest voting intentions for Westminster, behind the real Tories, for the second consecutive period and actually find themselves on just 15%. Basically a wee note to Jenny Marra MSP, when you spout Tory crap, when you tweet articles from right-wing Tory so called journalists, when you embrace SNP bad hate fests against all logic you might just find that your dwindling band of voters decide that they prefer the real Tories to the Red Tories, Red Tories fostered on the electorate of Dundee pretty much against their will , sadly Jenny Marra probably won’t care as she gets a good wage, better than 90% of people in Dundee, doesn’t have to actually win an election or do very much, she really is Tory through and through.

Also noticed that the Yellow Tory of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has also managed to get them down to 4%, well done Willie you’re a star.



  1. squewedperspective

    It’s all the same pathetic angle the unionists are pushing. Did you see the ‘Red Morningsider’ Ian Murray’s been ‘Shutdown’ for defending Daisley too? By the most polite and gently enquiring letter from John MacDonald MP?

    Wings also threw together a handy reference guide to the media –
    Pro indy press : 4
    neutral/unknown : 12
    Anti indy : 21

    I quite like seeing it in numbers, even if it does seem, intuitively, so prevalent.

    btw apologies if I am wrong, but you may mean foisted rather than fostered…though given labours childish behaviour, perhaps fostered is more apt.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the correction, you were of course correct, I have changed the blog accordingly. If you read any future blogs and can see words that are incorrect or can suggest ways the writing can improve please do, it’s one of the main reasons I blog, to learn.

      I saw the wings list also and it just shows what we are up against each and every day, I haven’t seen the John MacDonald info, if you have a link that would be great. But I noticed that Ian Murray MP has published the so called weird letter he got and of course it is nothing of the kind, he was doing the Scottish Labour thing, lying basically.

      Thanks for commenting.


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