Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish branch of the Conservative and Yoonionist Party, gave a speech at the David Hume Institute in Edinburgh on Tuesday in which she accused Nicola Sturgeon of attempting to bully Scots into “yet another fratricidal conflict” by riding roughshod over their strong opposition to a second independence referendum.


Now this has received a tiny wee bit of coverage in the media, hence my blogging about it as I feel it’s worth trying to get out there to as many people as we can. Just imagine the yoonfest if the comment had been made by Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond, or another SNP politician, it would be on the news and front pages for a week, we would have a special 4 hour Call Kaye and Willie Rennie would be calling for an enquiry and a resignation.

The question I have is how Ruth Davidson can get away with using the term so lightly,

Fratricide means the killing of one’s brother or sister.
“Cain justifies his fratricide with lethal logic”
•a person who kills their brother or sister.
•the accidental killing of one’s own forces in war.
“the Vietnam War saw fratricide increase because of the close-in jungle fighting”

Is Ruth Davidson really saying that a second independence referendum will lead to people killing their brothers and sisters? Did she really say that? She even accused Nicola Sturgeon of using the “language of the bully pulpit”. Really.

It feels like the Tories, or UKip in disguise, think they can get away with anything now, nothing can go unsaid no matter how appalling and not one Yoonionist will pick them up for it. It was a disgusting comment in every shape or form and one that sums up the mind-set of the right in this country now, with comments like that appearing to be ok with some people, mainly yoons, it makes you wonder how far they will go when Indy2 does eventually come around. While the BBC Scotland Office reported her comments there was no criticism and of course not opened to comments.

It certainly highlights the double standards of the media given the zero criticism, well I haven’t seen any, but you have to wonder if she is inciting a certain type of behaviour. John Lennon once said:


Hopefully those on the YES side will head these wise words when Indy2 does come around.



  1. twathater

    This comment from this vile woman is only a top up to other disgusting comments her and her franchise members are guilty of , e.g. don’t leave valuables about when Scots are about as they will nick them, Murdo arsehole and twa jobs, the bigotry and attempts to ulsterise and divide Scottish people, these people should be prosecuted for incitement to violence

    • grumpyscottishman


      I actually wondered that myself and thought about the offensive football and communications act and if that could have been something to get her on, inciting violence. Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser are a disgrace to Scotland, every time you see them you just know that they are going to talk down Scotland and somehow try to make it smaller, what must people from overseas think when they read their shit, Scotland over taxed, illiterate, violent, ignorant country. Is that their plan!

      Thanks for commenting and taking time to read my little blog.


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