You have to love Scottish Labour

The gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving. 

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4 Responses to You have to love Scottish Labour

  1. lanark says:

    They don’t disappoint, do they? Having Kezia as leader and thinking that Iain Gray and Anas Sarwar are assets is funny (tragic?) enough. But this? Hilarious.

    Mind you, Scotland as in any other democracy needs good opposition and all we have are these clowns, Wee Wullie’s imitation Tories and the Ruth no surrender party. The Greens are an honourable exception of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t mind politicians being human and not having went to Oxford, I would encourage it, I also hate the professional politician and can’t stand that too many have never actually had a job, it’s a fear I have for Mhari Black getting trapped in the bubble and starting to believe her own legend that many in the SNP are doing their best to promote but Labour are just not good at all. They have zero common sense and zero ideas. Throw in Willie Rennie and we are in serious trouble, Ruth Davidson is what she is, a right wing Tory.

      Scotland needs a decent opposition, and I always gave my second vote to the Greens, but won’t do that again after their silly games in abstaining on NS being First Minister and a few other things. I don’t expect the Greens to blindly follow the SNP, but I don’t expect them to be stupid, but at times they are but right now the SNP are in real danger of suffering due to poor SNP bad opposition who can’t see past the Queen and the Union Flag.

      Thanks for commenting.

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