We’re all English Now

Many of us yesterday were not surprised by the decision of the Supreme Court in London regarding the triggering of the United Kingdoms exit from the EU but I found myself feeling increasingly frustrated and angry as the day went on. Not angry at the comments being made on the BBC Scotland website regarding the decision, but angry at the response of Unionist politicians like Adam Tompkins of the Conservative Party, Willie Rennie of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Barry Gardiner Labour MP for Brent North who all appeared on television last night and who were all very dismissive of Scotland’s opinion.

Willie Rennie in his delusion seems to think that the decision will lead to a referendum on any Brexit deal, what planet is he on. Adam Tomkins (with a smile) said the Supreme Court decision was a “comprehensive defeat” for the Scottish Government. Barry Gardiner in justifying the decision and trying to shut down the argument that Holyrood should have a say noted that “first and foremost I am a democrat” and it was a UK vote. Well we all are democrats, the bloody problem is that England has a built in majority in Westminster with 85% of MPs. It does not matter what Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland wants, even if they all join together, because if English MPs don’t want the same thing it is just not going to happen, that is not democracy that is Colonial Britain. While the yoons scream we must respect the referendum result in 2014, they have broken every promise they made and it turns out the Sewel Convention is just another big lie that too many bought into and that too many don’t care about.

David Mundell, Scotland’s only Conservative MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, recently admitted that he does not represent Scotland in Cabinet, when asked if whether his cabinet role was to represent Scotland Mundell replied “No” to the question. Maybe his title should be changed to Governor-General of Scotland as that is as much as our voice matters, we are one of the last colonies left of the British Empire and how they are going to fight tooth and nail to keep it and far too many people in Scotland are happy for that to continue, being a subject sits so well with so many.

I found all of this so depressing and started to think to myself that we are all English now. When so called Scots delight in the democratically elected parliament in Scotland being denied a say in the constitutional future of the country that we are told we are partners in you know all you need to know. Your vote, my vote, just do not matter as far as Westminster and the Courts are concerned.

Yesterday we didn’t just get slapped, we got punched, kicked, spat on and dragged along the ground by our hair as the Scottish Unionists like Adam Tompkins, Willie Rennie, David Mundell and the cyber yoons smiled and celebrated, is that what you want to be a part of! I don’t, I never did. This got me thinking that when indy 2 comes along, which it surely will, it will be do or die. If Scots vote no again then it’s over, we will be telling the world that we are not a country, we are not Scottish, our voice doesn’t matter and we don’t care.

Should that day come, God forbid, then I will join the 30%+ of people in Scotland who don’t vote in any elections. When your vote means nothing, then why bother to vote at all, and I won’t bother. I will not care if devolution is repealed, if Holyrood is turned into expensive flats for the good and worthy, what England wants England gets so we might as well just let English voters make all our decisions for us because yesterdays decision, and any no vote in the future, is exactly that, a continuation of colonial rule disguised as democracy in a system designed to keep Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland out, unless by some quirk of faith English voters just happen to vote for a party that Scottish voters do also. What a sad state of affairs.

This is not an anti- English blog post before anyone starts to jump all over me. I have many friends and family in England, this blog post is about the political make up of the United Kingdom and the lies we have been fed and the contempt that we are held in by the political establishment in this country. Some of you will argue that England is not Westminster but it is as long as England has a built in majority that allows it to ignore the will, the views and the wishes of the other so called nations in this so called political union.

It is decision time now, you are either happy for us all to be English now or you can look at your children and promise them the chance of something better, it won’t be easy but it will be better. Westminster does not want your opinion, it wants your taxes, wants to place its nuclear weapons on your doorstep and it wants you to shut up and get back in your box. Are you happy with that!

If you are then you can go do one in your victory, me I will get on with my life, do the best that I can for my family and mourn a country that used to be called Scotland but that no longer exists as we are all English now as far as Westminster and the Yoonionist Politicians are concerned.


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5 Responses to We’re all English Now

  1. East Neuker says:

    Let’s just go with optimism that we can have independence. This is NOT the time to be broadcasting a negative vibe. I can’t let myself think anything else at the moment.

    It is down to the Scots now. If enough want to escape the neo fascist car crash,we can. If not, we don’t deserve to. Let’s stay with the hope that we can, and act accordingly. You know my views. Voting for Brexit was a fucking disaster, and you did that.

    Now you have a chance to be positive, behind Scotland in Europe. Come on Bruce, get yourself right behind it and we will deal with the result when it comes. We are old, you and me, but I have children and grandchildren. Fight for them now. One more time.

    • East Neuker

      I am right behind the fight for a yes vote and will focus on that but I have to be honest in the hope that it gets some people to think about what this is all about, we have got to take the fight to them now and part of that is that we will have to be brutal in our honesty because being nice didn’t work the last time. That doesn’t mean we have to be rude or obusive, I don’t want any part of that, but I won’t suck up to them anymore. If they can’t see what is right in front of them we need to move on to the next person. Now I think we are going to win the next time, just, but if we don’t then that is it and I think people really need to understand that, understand what is at stake. I guess I believe it’s time to up our game and this post is about the brutal truth, a no vote and we might as well be english as being scottish won’t mean anything. Hope that makes sense.

      Thanks for taking the time to commentand share your opinion.


  2. lanark says:

    Since day one in 1707, the UK has only ever been and only ever will be Greater England. The monarchs always assuming English titles is one glaring example.

    I agree that if we lose ref2, then things will be dire for the Yes movement and I too will take no further part in the political process of a country that I don’t believe in. Why should we, when it doesn’t believe in itself?

    I have no antipathy towards England, I lived and worked there for a time. If Scots had a fraction of the belief in themselves as the English do, we would have remained independent in 1707. Our biggest obstacle is Scots themselves, if enough of us believed in independence there is no force on Earth that could stop us.

    It’s the likes of Mundell, Rennie, Dugdale and Davidson that keep us where we are by doing Britain’s dirty work for it. That has always been the case as since the Union began, England has never had to lift a finger to keep
    Scotland in it’s place. We are the most brainwashed nation (or after another No vote, a region) on Earth.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Only the land owners had a vote in 1707 and only men, we are probably heading back to that. Rennie, Dugdale and the likes are just the modern day bought and solds. They are not Scottish and have never been in my mind. I am becoming more worried about the lengths the UK will go to. I think they will refuse another referendum and we will have to push ahead either way. They might go as far as trying to abolish Holyrood so I suspect our first battle will be to hold the next one let along fight it. I don’t trust those bastards at all.

    I hate Westminster and the leaders of the yoonionist branches in Scotland but as you say we are a huge part of the problem but have a look at my new blog. The majority of voters born in Scotland voted yes in the last referendum, no won because of non Scots. I never knew that.

    Thanks for commenting.


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