BBC Scotland and the Yoons

BBC Scotland Regional Office very rarely open up comments on any political story unless it is pretty much a guaranteed yoon fest, and an SNP/Nicola Sturgeon hate fest by the good and glorious of the union.

Today is such a day, the Supreme Court (as expected) ruled against the devolved administrations having a say over Brexit and this has now laid open the fact that Holyrood, the majority of voters in Scotland, and this so called political union means nothing. What England wants England gets, simples.

There will be a million words written today and I won’t be able to reach the level of analysis that many others will, but todays judgement surely shows the wavering no voter where Scotland stands in the grand scheme of things in the UK. Of course the Britnats will be having wet dreams tonight getting another opportunity to trash Scotland, the country they don’t recognise nor care a jot for.

So being a brave wee soul I went and had a look at the comments being written and below is a wee sample, I feel sorry for the many yoons trapped into that mindset, being so hateful for people who were born in the same Scotland you were must be so tiring, whatever happens today is another expected but sad day in our so called United Kingdom.

Indy2 can’t come soon enough.

• 9. Posted by JamieFree
on 3 hours ago
Dare you to have another vote – if you’d get behind the fact that the rest of the UK subsidises you, you’d stop trying to commit economic suicide by banging on about independence. Britain would be greater if we act as a whole, but every English tax payer would have more of their hard earned tax money spent on services for them if you left us. I’d like you to stay if Sturgeon would just keep quiet

• Posted by Tom

Going to enjoy watching Nicola Sturgeon screaming like a toddler about this later on today

• Wennigsen

The ruling on Scotland is just. Nieder-Sachsen doesn’t make German foreign policy, nor California, American, nor Yorkshire, British. Scotland is not an independent nation,. no armed forces, no foreign minister,no central bank and relying for centuries on subsidies from the UK taxpayer

• Posted by D Dortman

• 11. Beavo- “Does Sturgeon actually do anything for Scotland? Or does she just complain and throw a tantrum every time something doesn’t go her way?”

She does something…

She runs up an eye-watering decficit (worse than Greece’s)
She sacrifices 4-17 year old education to keep “free” Uni places
She widens the wealth gap in Scotland

Posted by Paul

The Poisoned Dwarf has delusions of grandeur above her station. At the last election the SNP’s 1.4 million votes secured it 56 MPs. Meanwhile, the Green Party won almost as many votes as the SNP but only one MP. Ukip also ended up with one MP despite receiving nearly three times as many votes as the SNP. County Councils get more votes than the SNP.
She builds up a social and NHS deficit that will bite soon

• Posted by ExIFA

So the Scots achieve independence & we assume they will no longer be subsidized by rUK under the Barnett Formula & no doubt will then have to pay some kind of membership fee to join the EU followed by going cap in hand with a begging bowl to the EU. Where is the ‘independence’ in all this? Sure they will be independent from the UK only to become dependent on the EU? Better the devil you know..!

• Posted by Andy

As a proud Scot, I am delighted by this decision.

The vile nationalist agenda of the SNP is nothing to do with Brexit and Sturgeon and her daft pals should keep out of it.


She still remains the egoist who wants to take Scotland out of the UK like her puppeteer Salmond who is still pulling her strings. Scotland is and always will be dependent on being part of the UK and incapable of being an independent EU country.

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7 Responses to BBC Scotland and the Yoons

  1. Dave says:

    Having tantrums? Egoist? Delusions of grandeur? Who are they talking about? The Nicola Sturgeon construct fashioned by the MSM as anyone with any functioning grey matter knows is a dangerous, warped and sinister bit of propaganda. Aimed squarely at ignorant, judgemental, ill informed cretins, its a category that all these arseholes above fit seemlessly into. They can all get stuffed!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s either the rubbish they believe as Britnats of the worst kind or the rubbish they are fed. It’s like yesterday that Labour guy on Scotnight basically saying the UK voted leave so the UK will leave, now irrespective of how you may have voted, if he can’t see the flaw in that argument then he is a huge part of the problem. What he was basically saying was that what England votes for Scotland gets, your back in your box, suck it up and shut it. The yoons will be loving it as they are no more democrats then any of the other unionists, I just hope that yesterday is enough to wake up the soft no’s to their true place in England.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • daibhidhdeux says:

      On the noggin, Dave.

      Wow….real loon Yoon howling at the moon stuff: Fcuking stunning if I was a Venusian, Martian, Peruvian, or any decent, open-minded individual visitor keen on studying AngloBritJock kultchah and “democratic” traditions – this lot would make Nazi prison guards look like humanists intent on joining Mother Theresa in order to avoid being “unjustly” tried for simple inhuman “indecency” towards the “untermensch” at the Nuremberg court and having found their “vocation” to gravitate – aka leg it – to the benign neo-Nazi Spirit in the Sky channelling an achtung Jezuz with an armpit combover and an orange dyed gub plus bullied wife in place:









      Uber pacifistic


      Texas boot







      That is, He who will absolve them – these blatant neo-fascists – for their “trivial” wee sins over a ponced dram or a bottle or crate thereof and a golf club or two sanctioned by Joke McConnell (with May as Under Butlerette Minima Minor and Keeperette of His Yahoo Yoosa Tantrums and Cosmetics and Hairbrush).

      Fcuk me dead, again, and double-up and double-down and let us abrogate this imposed bipartite Union Treaty, asap.

  2. trispw says:

    Jeez, So much hate and bile. I can imagine some nasty aneurysms bursting there, not to mention strokes and heart attacks coming on if they keep up that level of hatred. Ho hum. Not our problem. I think there are some that sit on the Daily Heil site all day and night typing out hate. No wonder they all look old and wizened.

    • Anonymous says:


      I can’t stand many unionists and have very strong feelings about some of them but I hope I don’t stoop to that level too often if at all, although I have no doubt been there in some small way. What I really can’t take is the enjoyment they take from what is meant to be their country being pooed on from a great height and they celebrate it, they are the cannon fodder so much loved by the old unionist empire and the current ones who really believe that this country can recapture that shameful part of it’s past. Of course BBC Scotland played it’s part as always, but we have all banged on about them and nothing will ever change there. Willie Rennie really pissed me off last night with his “we won a victory today and the UK parliament will get a vote and you will get a vote on the deal” is he really that thick and the Labour guy was an absolute disgrace.

      A truly sad day, thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba says:

    The Question is – “Does England want rid of Scotland?”

    We would be more than happy to oblige.

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