No News is Good News

Is it just me or was it a bit quiet this weekend?

We did learn that the Royal Navy Test Fired a Trident Nuclear Missile at the West Coast of Africa, however the missile headed for Florida. No a nuclear missile is no laughing matter, esp given the bloody things are stored in Scotland because they pose too big a risk to be stored in England, the country that actually wants the ability to murder millions of people, but I did wonder if the Gods were looking down on the stupid UK. I would also be a bit pissed off if I was a citizen of the African continent that the UK saw fit to test fire a nuclear missile in my direction. We also have the politicians scrambling around trying to prove that Theresa May knew about it but refuses to answer, of course she bloody knew and of course they won’t admit it as it’s a pure minter.


Keven McKenna writing in the Sunday Herald wants us all to be nice to journalists and stop calling them bad names, this would be the same journalists who made the Scottish Flag into a swastika during the referendum.


I can’t pretend to speak for anyone else who is a YES supporter but I am not planning on being nice to any lying, scaremongering, yoon journalist in the vague hope that they might actually follow the journalistic code of ethics and give both sides a fair hearing during the next campaign, they can go do one.

I learned that Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, really likes Theresa May when he said “In a really peculiar way I felt slightly proud of her when she became prime minister”, in an interview with the political betting website, who would have guessed that a Tory would be proud of a Tory.

I learned and wondered why so many British people are expressing opinions on Donald Trump. Emma Thomson thinks it’s terrifying, Stephen Hawking said ” was a demagogue who appealed to the lowest common denominator”, we have the Tories ffs. I also love the image below of oor Kezia, the curse of Democratic Presidential Elections, with a Clinton cardboard cut out.


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11 Responses to No News is Good News

  1. lanark says:

    I was going to say that the cardboard cutout would make a better leader than Kezia, then realized that it would make a better leader than Farron and his cardboard cutout Tory party.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Imagine saying that. I don’t care if you personally like someone I’m another party, no issue with that but being proud of a Tory no thanks. That party are full of hate, pure and simple. The Liberals can scream fight back all they want, they are not going to do much at Westminster , like Labour they went Tory.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. trispw says:

    Farron is a strange choice for a leader of a “liberal” party. He sounds like one of the most illiberal people you could meet.

    But I suppose there wasn’t much to choose from.

    Much the same as in Scotland where, surely, no one would ever have “chosen” Wee Willie Rennie to lead, but, well, there was no one else. Wee Willie doesn’t seem to have a mind of his own. He just repeats what London tells him. A bit like Ruth. Probably Kezia would do it too if she ever had any contact with Jezzer.

    I noticed this morning on the Today Programme that the BBC still think the Liberals with 9 MPs are the third party. In discussions about the Supreme Court ruling, they repeatedly mentioned how the Liberals were going to vote. The SNP was sometimes tagged on as an afterthought. But clearly, to the English, the 9 Liberals are still a force in their politics.

    • East Neuker says:

      As the Supreme Court rules that devolved governments need not be consulted on Brexit, and that legislative consent will only be sought when the UK government says so, the last vestige of the pretence that the Scottish Parliament is in any way “permanent”, or that devolved powers really mean anything if the UK governenment whims otherwise, is finally destroyed.
      I am beginning to think that the right wing Tories are now eying up using Brexit to severely curtail the Scottish Parliament’s powers, by taking the EU role in devolved Issues to Westminster ( an example might by fishing and farming), and, stage two,Westminster might as well have full control of these issues, with a third stage of we don’t need a Scottish Government anyway.
      If you listened to Lord Keen delivering his chilling and dismissive case to the Supreme Court, the message was clear, and it was this -The Scottish Government and Parliament only exists because we tolerate it, but we can overrule, ignore or abolish it any time we want, so shut up and do what we tell you.
      It’s that or independence, folks. Let’s get on with it.

      • East Neuker

        I wasn’t surprised by the decision today or the reaction by the yoons and have a wee blog that I started at my lunch break about the reaction. I think the decision will come back to haunt them if the YES side can play it right, Scotland was well and truly told today that it is a region and will do as it’s told, if the soft no’s can’t see that then there is no hope and the ultra yoons will no doubt be partying tonight.

        I don’t think Westminster will try to remove any of our responsibilities but I would not be surprised if the three Tory Parties in opposition fight to give some back. We have always known that what England wants England gets but today spells that out clearly and no one can now deny that the UK is in any shape or form a political union. It’s time for us to go it really is and if people can’t see that then I am finished with the lot of it. We lose an indy2 I will no longer blog, comment or even vote as Scotland will deserve everything it gets, brutal but true as far as I am concerned.

        Thanks for commenting.


        • East Neuker says:

          Yeah. If that happens, I will have to retreat to my room and let it go. Otherwise my anger would harm me, not those with whom I would be angry. I still think that the right wing plan is to destroy the devolved administrations, and that will happen if we are not independent. Otherwise I agree with you, it will be over for old people like me.
          I hope that we will win our independence. If Scots vote it down again, we do not deserve it. Meantime I will fight for independence to happen soon.

          • East Neuker

            I will fight another yes campaign again but there won’t a third for me, either I will be dead or it will just never come around. The comments I saw today and the sneering, by yoons and yoon politicians just made me sad, do they hate Sotland that much, I don’t understand it at all, we have too many people who sing Flower of Scotland at the Rugby but have no idea what it actually means, today is either a wake up call or the end, time will tell. Holyrood is now the same as a district council.

            Thanks for commenting.


    • Tris

      I agree with you on Tim Farron and Willie Rennie, both are out their depth in the world of media politics. I noticed the SNP were being marginalised over most of the mainstream media platforms, that is deliberate and will continue forever, we are just not wanted or welcome.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Anonymous says:

    well you were wrong, Downing Street did admit to May knowing about it.

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