A Legacy of Shame

I wonder if the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party are proud. 



  1. trispw

    They probably put it down to the huge success of Cameron’s Big Society.

    Me I find it so depressing I really want to cry for the poor buggers who’ve ended up in this situation.

    The most annoying thing is that Theresa bangs on about a country that works for everyone. Is she Icelandic or something?

    That is when she’s not banging on about how she prays for guidance and knows that it will all work out because God is on her side.

    I’m just interested in what frigging religion she practises. Sure as hell not any of the ones I’ve heard of. Evil woman.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I was shopping this afternoon and the alarm went off as I was leaving the supermarket, the reason, they have started to tag the fish as so many people are trying to steal food now that it gets a sucrity tag. The guard even said that the plans are to tag a lot more in the coming months, how sad and disgusting is that. This country is a disgrace and I know the Liberals are raving about their recent by election successes but I certainly will never let them forget their legacy of shame.

      Totally agree about May, wolf in sheeps clothing and the annoying thing is that people can see it and yet she is still doing well in the polls, this country has lost it’s soul.

      Thanks for commenting.


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