Disgusting Britain

Two stories caught my eye tonight, and pissed me off, when I was reading the usual sites I tend to keep an eye on and they just highlighted to me how much a disgusting country our so called Great Britain actually is no matter how much some pretend it isn’t. First one up was a story in the Canary today highlighting that many families in Great Britain are left with just 50p to live on.


According to the report, since the government introduced the new benefit cap in November 2016 in places like Grimsby, this has left at least 62 families with just 50p, or nothing at all in housing benefit. Some families in places like Liverpool and Luton will lose around £135 per week. Very much the case of rent, heat, or eat for far too many people which can only add to the official figures for England and Wales showing that 42,728 households in rented accommodation were forcibly removed in 2015, there are no accurate figures for 2016 yet. Of course the biggest losers in all of this will be children, Tris at Munguin’s New Republic showed us the other day that many children in England, according to Save the Children, are living in poverty and this is true of Scotland also. Now compare this with the other story that caught my eye tonight on the net,


Conservative Party Historian Lord Lexden has urged the Government to build a new Royal Brittania and that this yacht would fulfil a “deep longing” for Britain to show that it is “confident about our capacity to shape a new national destiny” outside the EU. He says: “It is hard to think of anything that would hearten our country more than the revival of our neglected maritime traditions which a new royal yacht would symbolise.” He goes on to say “Surely we have not declined so far in the intervening period that public funds are inadequate to meet the cost? “There is overwhelming support for the original plan of making a new yacht a gift from us all to a beloved sovereign.

How disgusting is the idea of a new Royal Yacht at all, and how disgusting and out of touch is this clown. When people are cold, hungry, homeless, unemployed, sanctioned, and desperate this asshole wants us all to gift a new yacht to the Windsors. Yeah the family that live in a palace in London at our expense, who in fact own several palaces that we pay for, yeah the Windsors, one of the richest families in the world who pay less tax per pound than many of us do and are already the largest benefit recipients in the country.

When I was thinking about this I just thought about how much I hate what this so called Great Britain stands for, this country is just all fur coat and no knickers, no decency and little sense. I argued a while back that the Tory agenda was to return us to a new Victorian Age, are we already there! What will it take for people to wake up in this country and see what is going on around them. I accept the world has changed and the days of high wages and high employment are probably gone for good but that doesn’t mean we have to accept this shit, that we have to sit back and accept this and be thankful that it’s not my family or your family, but it sure as hell is someone’s family and if this doesn’t get a person angry nothing will.




  1. Brian

    Do we see our SNP MPs in WM coming out with these kind of statements? Do they exhibit the same passion?
    Like you I just do not understand why the the polls aren’t showing huge support for Scottish independence. Just how much do we have to take?
    i still meet and talk to people in my age group (over 60) who don’t think we would make a better job of running our own country. There are still many Mail and Express readers, and BBC watchers who believe what they read/see in the establishment media.
    Sometimes I despair. I feel like knocking their heads together.
    Where are the SNP in all this? Still trying to build a ‘post-Brexit’ case? Aren’t all the things you’ve mentioned enough to build a rock solid case on?

    • grumpyscottishman


      I have noted before that I think the SNP need to take a harder line, they won’t as they appear to prefer the slow gradualist approach, thats up to them, I just don’t think we have that much time. I think the next indy ref has to come 19/20 but 20 at the latest. I don’t know why the polls are as stubborn as they are other than a lot of people are Britnats and many are afraid, it just sums up years and years of the jockholme syndrome for me, I suffered from it in my youth but chose to actually learn about this shitty UK and by the time I started to understand I was a YES voter, if not necessarily a nationalist to be honest. I couldn’t care less about the flag and all that stuff, never waved a flag in my life, for me it’s about democracy pure and simple.

      I was a member of the SNP a few years ago and left because of the all women short list rubbish, even though I always considered myself a liberal. I then joined the Lib Dems and gave it a serious go, but found out that they are not actually liberal at all at the higher level and then they brought in all women shorts lists and I just left. Not against women in politics, the more the merrier if you ask me, but all women short lists are undemocratic and I can’t abide that so I am finished with political parties and happier for it to be honest. I just blog now.

      We are running out of time though, it will be a hard brexit and that I hope leads to another referendum and a yes win. Only then will it be time to decide if we wish to be a member of the EU, for me that will require another referendum and the EU is as bad as Westminster in many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. trispw

    I heard that that idiot Fox wanted the Britannia so he could use it for his trade missions around the world and he thought Kate Middleton would go with him…

    And folk starving?


    • grumpyscottishman


      I hadn’t heard that but not surprising, they just don’t live in the same world that we do and all parties have them, just the Tories and Labour more than most. I just find the more I learn the more I find what the UK is just even more disgusting.

      Even during the holidays when I put the news on I had to put if off as the leading story was Elizabeth Windsor had a cold, a lot of old people sadly did but they were on trolleys in cold corridors while the one on the news had the best that we could pay for. The story was the wrong way around and history won’t look well on us.

      Thanks for commenting.


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