No Deal

Yesterday The National ran with a front page encouraging the Labour Party to work with the SNP following a report by the Fabian Society highlighting how unlikely it is that the Labour Party will be in any position to win a General Election anytime soon.


This is not a new idea, it has been doing the rounds since 2010 when Labour allowed the Tories and Liberals to form the coalition that begun the nightmare. However, back in August, Kezia Dugdale said “If we were ever privileged enough to be in a position to put a programme for government in front of MPs in the future, SNP MPs would have to choose to support a Labour or a Tory Government”, “Labour is a socialist party,” she wrote. “The SNP most certainly aren’t”.

The Fabian Society report found that only a little over half of Labour’s 2015 voters say they support the party today. The report found that at the next election Labour may win as little as 20 per cent of the GB vote resulting in zero chance of forming a Government and the idea was unthinkable. Labour’s problem is very simple, the party was founded in February 1900 as an alliance between working-class trade unionists and some liberal-minded intellectuals. While many of the new members hope to return the party to the founding ideals of 116 years ago the simple fact is that Labour are a party that can’t win in its current state.

The only question for the next election will be how large the Tory Majority will be, followed by how much more Tory will Scots take before they back a yes vote. There can be no deal with Labour or Scottish Labour, that would require trust and principles, both are in very short supply in the Labour Party and given that working with Labour would also be a stain on the SNP why would they want to.



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