Something Different: The Death of Dr.Who

I have always liked Dr.Who, was an avid fan in the late 70’s and 80’s then fell away only to really enjoy the show under writer Russell T Davies when it returned in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston followed by David Tennant. It was very well written and very well acted. The story arc was not overly complicated and ran over a few seasons, it certainly kept me interested. It had a dark theme but there was a lot of humour and drama intertwined throughout. It became a truly great show again.


This years Christmas Special ‘ The Return of Doctor Mysterio ‘ was a disaster, everything about it was a disaster, it was a poor story, with poor effects in the main, and it was lazy jumping on the super hero bandwagon and doing it very poorly, basically it was SHIT.

Russell T Davies left Dr.Who in 2010 to be replaced by Stephen Moffat as head writer and executive producer. The show has slowly but surely gotten worse year on year since Moffat took over, culminating in the worst Christmas Dr.Who I have ever seen. Matt Smith replaced David Tennant as the Dr in 2010, and is a really good actor, but suffered from having to deal with poor writing, over complicated plots that didn’t even make sense, an over use of the Daleks, which I suspect Moffat has used to cover up how crap the show has become since he took over. Peter Capaldi took over from Matt Smith as the Dr in 2014, a truly good actor, he can play the Dr dark and funny. I hoped that with Peter Capaldi on board things would improve, they haven’t, they have gotten worse.

Steven Moffat announced that he will leave after the 2017 series and hand over to Chris Chibnall in 2018, by then it may be too late. The show has become very poor since Moffat took over to the extent that I now think it is pretty shit again, how sad is that. Since Moffat came on board ratings have fallen year on year, I really enjoy Doctor Who, but it is getting harder and harder to hang in there to be honest as Steven Moffat presides over the death of a much-loved show, a show that Russell T Davies brought back in fantastic glory. I can even accept one or two bad series, that happens, but since Moffat took over everything has pretty much been a mess, from the terrible Clara character, to the Master not being killed off, and the bloody Daleks being in every Moffat series to date.

I appreciate it’s only a TV show but when I sat down on Christmas night to watch Dr.Who after everyone had went to bed, I am the only one who watches it in my house, I was actually angry at how bad it was, it was shit, it was boring and predictable. Steven Moffat has pretty much destroyed the show to the extent that I am not that bothered if I watch the next series or not, Peter Capaldi is a good actor but having Matt Lucas in it just makes me fear for the worst, we might actually be watching the last Dr.Who series in 2017. The only hope would be for Steven Moffat to do the decent thing and leave now, please just go.



  1. Tedious Tantrums

    I have the same thoughts. Too many long segments of dialogue which didn’t help the narrative. Also too many silly plots. Save Dr Who now!

    • grumpyscottishman

      Tedious T

      It was really really bad. I was so looking forward to it and hoping that Moffat hadn’t screwed it up and he had big time. Sherlock is crap as well, I just don’t see why anyone can like what he does but he has virtually killed Dr Who. I will no doubt watch the next series and hopefully it will be good but deep down I know it won’t be and that is sad. Thankfully it will be his last and probably Capaldi too and hopefully a fresh start.

      Thanks for commenting and a Happy New Year.


  2. lanark

    Happy New Year Bruce, glad to see you back.

    All I can say regarding Doctor Who is well done for sticking with it for so long. When it came back with Russell T Davies it really did give a whole new lease of life to the franchise and was one of the few Saturday evening shows I liked. But it really has gone downhill, I gave up on it years ago.

    Perhaps it reflects the BBC itself. Once it was loved and respected, now it’s tired old crap that relies on rehashing the same old, same old.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Happy New Year. Russell T Davies was excellent, I watched the Titanic episode the other day and it was brilliant. Collinson producing and Davies writing. Moffat has destroyed the show he really has. They rave about Sherlock but I don’t know anyone who thinks it’s good. The BBC is an old boys network and when people say something is shit even though it gets viewing fighters they just don’t listen.

      At least we have Labour for comic value.

      Thanks for commenting.


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