Something Different: Top 10 Christmas Songs and Memories

Keeping with the Festive Theme, and the last Festive Something Different for this year here are my favourite Christmas Songs.

Number 10: White Christmas Bing Crosby. Even though we rarely get snow these days I have always loved the clip from the movie that accompanies the song, the tree, the open fire. What’s not to like.

Number 9: Do They Know It’s Christmas Band Aid 1984. This was huge when it came out, not only because of the famine that was taking place in Ethiopia, which was shocking and governments were very slow to react, but it brought together the biggest names in British music and the song was good.

Number 8: Lonely This Christmas Mud. They are trying to sound like Elvis, the video is a 70’s classic and the song is pretty depressing to be honest but a Christmas gem.

Number 7: Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Bing was getting on a bit and David Bowie was mellowing out with what is a favorite of mine. The butler lead in to the song part in the video is nonsense but I really like the song and seeing two greats together.

Number 6: Wonderful Christmas Time Paul McCartney. Cheese fest at a time when Paul McCartney made chesse better than anyone else. It’s a cheery wee wonderful song that doesn’t really take anything seriously.

Number 5: I wish it could be Christmas everyday Wizzard. Every child’s dream until you grow up a little and realise that nothing would be more depressing than Christmas every day and he kicks the wee boy the arse in the video, or implies it lol. I just remember that when this song came on for me as a kid in the late 70’s it really was Christmas.

Number 4: All I want for Christmas is you Mariah Carey. When I heard this I just thought it was a fun song and a fun video and the sentiment is nice.

Number 3: Last Christmas Wham. This was huge when it came out due how big an act Wham were but it was good, better than many Christmas songs and well written.

Number 2: Happy Christmas War is Over John Lennon. Another classic and well written song just wishing everyone all the best and hoping for an end to fear and war. Too serious when I was a kid and I didn’t understand it but I liked it all the same.

Number 1: Merry Christmas Everyone Slade. Hearing Noddy Holder belting out It’s Christmas was a fav of mine, you just couldn’t mistake the song anywhere and it really reminds me of the 70s when our Christmas Tree looked like the one below, the excitement of waiting to see what I had gotten from Santa, the Christmas hamper with food that we never usually ate. I would get an apple and orange in a sock, never worked that one out to be fair, the selection box.

Here are some pics of the things my brothers and myself would get in the 70’s, simpler times.

Where I lived, Whitfield ‘ The Concrete Jungle ‘




Well 15 days to Christmas and I must admit can’t wait for the time off work. This blog is now going to take a break for a wee while, until the new year, so a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to have a read of my rants and huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment, it really is flattering. I would now just like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year, re-charge the batteries and get ready for indy2, it might just come sooner than we think.




    Merry Xmas and hope for a brilliant new year Grumpy .

    Love the blog and will look forward to next years with hope for us all.

    And a very merry xmas and happy new year to all who find themselves here . The commenters make the blog interesting , informative and a good laugh .

    Slainte 🙂

  2. East Neuker

    Enjoy your break, Bruce, and have a good time in the hols. There will be plenty to blog, snark, argue and get angry about in the new year, and I will look forward to your take on things then.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker
      I think the new year will be very interesting. Council elections, Brexit, another Labour leadership challenge in both UK and the branch office, maybe even a general election. I look forward to having a nice wee rant re-charge the batteries. You have a good one and hopefully chat again soon.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    All the best for Christmas and 2017. Looking forward to what next year has in store. Keep ranting!

    A few memories there for me as well, thanks.

    • Anonymous


      You too, thanks for contributing to the blog, really much appreciated and you really give me a different angle to think about sometimes and that is how we learn and get more knowledgeable.

      Thanks for commenting.


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