Buttoned up the Back

Someone save us all from Kezia Dugdale, Branch Manager of the bankrupt British Labour Party in Scotland. It seems Kez wants to renegotiate the Treaty of Union.


Kez is calling for a “federal solution” for Scotland and a “new Act of Union” in a bid to “save the UK for generations to come”. Unlike Gordan Brown who last month called for “wholesale constitutional reform to preserve the Union” and to point the way towards a new federal constitution for the UK. Kez’s plan would see extra powers for the regions of England (so kind of her) and I suppose extra powers for the region of Scotland as that is what Scotland is to her. Scottish Labour really must think we are as thick as they are, that anyone is going to take seriously anything they have to say.

It appears that oor Kez has asked that intellectual heavyweight, Lord Falconer, to explore a federalist approach, well if the Scottish Regional Branch of Labour really really go for Federalism there will at least be one branch of a political party in Scotland that believes in it, shit if Kez can convince the 3 or 4 Labour members who are left even Willie Rennie might abandon the Tories and embrace Federalism.

Kezia, so far this year, has said she might back a second independence referendum, then she said she won’t when the yoon media actually noticed she had said it in the first place and her boss Ruth Davidson expressed her displeasure, she said that should one go ahead she would campaign against a yes vote, then she’s said she might back a Yes vote while back in July she said that Labour was exploring a “federalist” solution that could allow Scotland to keep its place in both the UK and EU. No one really noticed what she said in July so she has said it again today and the yoons at BBC Scotland are reporting this as some form of earth shattering revelation.

So on top of the most powerful devolved Parliament in the world, and on top of Gordon Brownstuffs modern Home Rule, Scotland will now have Federalism according to the Manager of the British Labour Party in the North Region of Britain.

Kezia Dugdale thinks we are all buttoned up the back and Kezia Dugdale is full of




  1. Dave

    I just don’t get the whole Kezia thing at all. Logic and reason tells me that to have gained her position there must be occasions when she is a credible force, an engaging speaker, a creative thinker and a skilled debater. The thing is I’ve watched her many times on TV during FMQs, leaders debates and being interviewed and I’m afraid as far as I’m concerned she consistently comes across as a credibility free zone. There are times where she makes me cringe with embarrassment at how out of her depth she seems. The idea that she could be a principal mover in any constitutional initiative is one I would find deeply disturbing.

    I think to myself, it must be me, I must be wrong. Is my hatred for unionist Scottish labour destroying my objectivity to the extent where I am unable to at least appreciate her arguments intellectually? I honestly don’t know.

    I wonder if it’s actually Kezia who is buttoned up the back as well as being full of 💩

    Oh yeh I could write a similar paragraph with a slightly different slant regarding Wullie Rennie as well but what do I know?

    • Anonymous


      She is out of her depth, I have heard some members of Labour in Dundee say she is a nice person but I have heard more say she is a piece of work and not a very nice one. I can’t stand her to be honest, she has no idea what she stands for and is a populist in the extreme. The problem she has, and wee Willie Rennie, is that they set their stall out with Better Together against both independence and any meaningful change in Scotland and will have to live with that. Personally I hope their pain continues as we cannot and must not go back to where we were in the past, those days have to be gone.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and comment.


  2. lanark

    The only reason Kezia is branch office caretaker is that no one else wanted the job. She is so poor it is almost laughable, the only reason it isn’t funny is that a proper democracy needs a credible opposition. All we have is an aggressive loudmouth who hasn’t a clue being backed up by two characters who would be lucky to get a seat on a local council.

    One of the few good things to come from the No vote of 2014 is that the Red Tories are finished and and we
    can all see them for what they are and have been for a very long time.

    As for Rennie, he sees himself as Ruthie’s deputy. I wonder how Queens Own Murdo feels?

    • grumpyscottishman


      She is poor, out of her depth really and while we want a good opposition I kinda hope she keeps the job for comic value at the very least. Labour are finished in Scotland without drastic change and I just can’t see that coming anytime soon to be honest. Davidson is a nasty piece of work who is protected by the media but sometimes the veneer slips and you see the true Davidson, look at her face sometimes at FMQs, you can see the hate. Willie Rennie doesn’t matter and I am not so sure about Patrick Harvie since he abstained on Nicola Sturgeon for First Minister. We really are bereft of talent in many areas but again may they remain as crap as they are.

      Thanks for commenting.


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