Another One Bites the Dust

So today saw another promise from Better Together, especially the British Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland, regarding shipbuilding on the Clyde bite the dust.


Who can forget the scare stories from the referendum, below is a wee reminder of the rubbish we were plied with 24 hours a day for the whole campaign:


John Parker, chairman of mining giant Anglo-American, who was asked to review the needs of the Royal Navy has concluded that the UK should Spread the building of components for new ships across the UK. This has been backed by The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, who has said that he “welcomed the report’s recommendations about shipbuilding”. John Parker followed up by saying that the government should look to “harness the economies available within the wider UK shipbuilding supply chain to seek improved value for money”.

Trade Union leaders have warned that if Royal Navy ships are built elsewhere, even outside of the UK and on top of the delay in work starting, then this would be a “massive betrayal” of working-class communities in Scotland. This is the same trade union officials, see above, that said a YES vote would end ship building in Scotland, they are starting to appear a bit late and a bloody bit rich. Unions are now worried that much of the promised work will go to England, who would have thunk it after Westminster got its no vote. What will Willie Rennie say, Kezia Dugdale, my guess is not very much or feigned outrage that will convince no one. Ruth Davidson will just not care, for the three leaders of the Yoon branches its UK or nothing. When there is nothing left in Scotland their job will be complete and for the rest of us it will be too late.

I hope that people wake the f*** up really soon, what can’t people see, we were asset stripped and lied to about the oil. The profits from the oil bonanza were then used to fund unemployment and the de-industrialisation of Scotland, and now we are seeing the potential final killing off of major ship building in Scotland, when is enough enough! What will it take for no voters to see how much they have been lied to, have been shafted. I used to get angry at all of this stuff, now I am just not surprised, Scotland get back in your wee fearty box, we will take you out when we need to steal more of your stuff and you will thank us for it.

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2 Responses to Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Brian says:

    It’s hearbreaking Bruce, and comes – as you say – as no surprise. In fact the only surprise for me is that the polls do not have support for independence soaring. Is the propoganda war still being won by unionists?

    • Brian

      I think people will be waiting to see what the result of Brexit is and it may well be the straw that breaks the camels back, but saying that I often wonder how much Scots are willing to take from Westminster as it seems a lot. Jockholme Syndrome as I have said in the past/

      Thanks for commenting.


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