Something Different: The Christmas Ad

I love Christmas and I love turkey. My wife in fact cooks the only turkey I have ever really loved to the extent that in the season of good will I don’t want to share any lol. I will have turkey, turkey sandwich, turkey soup, turkey on a bagel, turkey on toast, turkey on turkey. Christmas gotta love it. The tree is not up yet but soon, next weekend, but the presents are mostly bought, the wife calls me an idiot as I am getting into full Christmas mode. I am waiting to have my first mince-pie and in recent years have been partial to mince pies from M and S or Lidl. However this wee post is about the Christmas ad.

I never really used to pay that much attention to them but I have the last couple of years, the John Lewis ad has become a must see for many people and I remember this one from my youth Woolworths and it’s terrible. I even remember the debates over the TV with my brothers.

Anyway here are a wee selection of ads from recent years that might get you in the festive mood.

Mog Saulsbury 2014, I thought this was better than the John Lewis one and was funny.

Mog the Cat

John Lewis 2016 Buster the Boxer . This ad is a really funny one and I liked it when I saw it last month.

Baxter the Boxer.

A classic from last year John Lewis 2015 Man on the Moon.

Man on the Moon.

Here is one that doesn’t work for ASDA, it’s pretty boring really.

ASDA Christmas 2016

I thought M and S 2016 Jake was pretty good.


But here is one that I came across and I challenge you to not feel a wee pull on the heart-strings for this one. It’s from Germany.


If you have any you would like to add to the list bring it on.

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8 Responses to Something Different: The Christmas Ad

  1. Brian says:

    Bruce – the PAPA ad is outstanding. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, I can relate!

  2. Brian says:

    I hasten to add that I have so far resisted mince pies… I’m still trying to lose excess baggage from last Christmas:-)

    • Anonymous says:


      Had to get started on a mince pie, Christmas Tree is delayed due to all the stuff happening in the house and we are hoping that all the work will be done by the end of the week and we can get the tree up. Still waiting on new flooring for the kitchen to go down and the washing machine we bought and got delivered on Sat didn’t work so getting a replacement Tuesday, the joys but can’t wait for the hols, I love Christmas a lot. Time off work, the kids, food, chill out the works.

      PAPA was a heart puller was it, really well done in such a short time.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Dave says:

    What about the iron bru snowman advert? Irn bru’s not a Christmassy product but the ads a bit of festive fun.

  4. Sod the System says:

    you should do your own about a bald man getting a wig for christmas and how it changed his life

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