Referenda: But only when we don’t like the result!

THE Scottish Liberal Democrats have rejected a motion supporting independence after a debate on the issue at the party’s autumn conference in Dunfermline.


Wee Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats lol, noted that “today we rejected any suggestion we should consider independence. Our party reiterated our desire for Scotland to maintain its membership of both the United Kingdom and the European Union”.


“Scottish Liberal Democrats fought the elections in May with an explicit commitment to opposing a second referendum on independence, under any circumstances. I will be keeping my word with the voters as will every other MSP who stood on that platform. In all circumstances, I said no and I mean no. Meanwhile, we will continue to make the case for a progressive, optimistic, outward looking approach.

You have to laugh don’t you, when has Willie Rennie ever supported progressive and optimistic politics, the same progressive Willie who said of the bedroom tax “actually it’s difficult for people who are trying to get into work if they’ve got the burden of having to pay for a house they can’t really afford, it makes it much more difficult – they’re going to have to earn more to make work pay. What we’re trying to do here is improve social mobility, so that people can get into work. This prevents them, and that’s why we need to take action.” Yeah real fucking progressive Willie.

However, it seems that while Willie is really against Scottish Independence and really for the United Kingdom , really against another referendum on Scottish independence, he really isn’t against another referendum on membership of the European Union, “If Nicola Sturgeon is truly serious about working to protect the interests of Scotland she must join our fight for a second vote on the outcome of talks on Brexit”.

It seems that referendums are fine but only when wee Willie Rennie doesn’t like the result, political hypocrisy of the worst kind. One rule for independence and another rule for membership of the EU. Does Willie Rennie really think we are that thick, that we can’t see past his bullshit, yeah he pretty much does. Now of course it is fine for the Scottish Liberal Democrats to reject any motion at their conference, and if Willie Rennie likes the result all the better, this is what happens when he doesn’t like the result Willie Rennie accused of breaching Lib Dem constitution after overturning pro-fracking vote, The National March 7th 2016.

Willie Rennie is all that is wrong with politics in Scotland, he is a hypocrite of the worst kind. Willie Rennie thankfully will never ever find himself in a position of political power in Scotland and we should all be thankful for that, small mercies etc. I left the Scottish Liberal Democrats because of people like Willie Rennie who are neither Liberal or Democrats, he is an opportunist of the worst kind and not even a good one. The Scottish Lib Dems need a clear out and they need to start with wee Willie ‘Bouncy Castle’ Rennie.



  1. East Neuker

    I agree with all you say about Willie Rennie, and add that he is basically a front for the Conservative vote in his constituency. I have the galling misfortune to have him as my constituency MSP, and know from just keeping my ears open that many of the local Tories voted for him to get the SNP out, and that’s part of what’s going on with this Unionist stance he has taken. He pandered and grovelled to the local right wing during the Holyrood election and needs to keep them onside. He is no Liberal. It seems, though, that he has the backing of his party for hard line Unionism. Whatever happened to home rule liberalism?
    On the issue of the EU, we probably still disagree, Bruce, but on the the fact that Willie Rennie is a hypocritical shit we can be in full accord.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker

      I totally agree, he is a unionist in the worst extreme. I am glad I don’t have him as my MSP, total plank. He is never a liberal either, he is a political opportunist and would not be out of the place in the Conservative Party, none of the current Liberal MSPs would be out of place. They have made their choice as have many in their party and there is no going back for them. I think in the longer term as things slowly get worse in Scotland, despite the SNPs best efforts, the Liberals will become smaller and smaller. It’s yes and no now in Scotland, it might not serve politics well but they made their bed so now have to lay in it.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Helena Brown

    Me and East Neuker, we both had him, I did not dislike him, I never voted for him, but he has now got my undying hatred. I agree with every word said. He is a despicable little man, and coming from one wee woman, you know how tiny I think he is.

    • Anonymous


      I never used to mind him, but because I never paid any attention to him. When briefly a Liberal and during the referendum his true colours came out and he was shown to be a nasty piece of work. Over ruling conference, all women shorts lists but not for his or any of his cronies seats, promoting that Cole guy in Edinburgh over decent candidates elsewhere, cozing up to Ruth Davidson. The man is a plank and not to be trusted.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      He just makes it easy as time goes on, there is no Liberal party in Scotland anymore, and he is no Liberal either. Willie Rennie would be better off in the Tories, he appears to agree with Ruth Davidson a lot these days. But given what East Neuker said it sounds like he needs to keep on the good side of the Tories in his area to garnish their unionist vote to keep the evil SNP out.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    My wife is a much more moderate Yes voter than me and she used to like Rennie but even she now sees him for what he is, – “mini Ruth”. I never used to bother with him either but now I can’t abide the man.

    I couldn’t believe the tweet he sent saying that “we” had won the election in 2016. What a clown.

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