Something Different: Where do we go from here?

England 3 Scotland 0

The scoreline doesn’t really reflect just the gulf in talent but also the desire to win. Anyone who watched last nights game will be wondering where does Scottish Football go from here as we reached a new low last night at Wembley Stadium.


Scotland were shocking last night, pure and simple as that, we were shit. If you can’t score and you can’t defend, you can’t win. Gordon Strachan the Scotland Manager tried to defend his players, tried to talk about possession, the margins, three headers, honesty of the group, how they worked their socks off but that does not take away from the fact that other countries do a lot more with a lot less. And did they really work their socks off, that is not what I saw in the final 20 minutes of the match, I saw a group of players who had given up, a manager who had no ideas on how to changes things and a country with zero passion on the night. If only the players had the same passion as the fans, I know that the players don’t go out to lose a game, I know that they are ambitious but will they run through a brick wall for Scotland, maybe not.

But that still doesn’t take away from the fact we were poor, we can’t score and we can’t defend. I was happy to see Leigh Griffiths get a start last night but what he showed was that at this level he is not good enough or still has a lot to learn, like Steven Fletcher who is another not good enough at the highest level. Strachan played Anya at right back last night, wtf was that about. Surely we could have picked Phil Bardsley, Graeme Shinnie of Aberdeen deserves a chance at left back, what does he have to do to get in a Strachan squad. Berra and Hanley are not the middle two in defence, I am not sure who is to be fair as we are bereft of talent but surely we can do better than that. Wallace is another who is not good enough but Strachan likes him.

Scott Brown came out of retirement for the England game and hopefully he will go back into it, Charlie Adam should have been in the squad and played ahead of Brown, he is in good form at Stoke and playing at a higher level, he is also a better player. I would have played Burke or Naismith ahead of Forrest who is another who is just not good enough and I would have Jordan Rhodes at the very least on the bench as the best natural goal scorer we have.

We all know that Scottish Football is at its lowest ebb in years, the blame for that lies with the clubs and the SFA. Poor leadership from the SFA, who are more interested in shocking pink strips and fleecing the fans, throw in the odd jolly for the blazers and a Chief Exec who is way past his sell by date and what you have is a system that will improve nothing. The leagues need re-organised if you can get passed the greed of the individual clubs, larger leagues might just encourage more young players to be given a chance. The national team need to stop picking players with a Scottish Granny, lets start picking players who are actually playing week in and week out, playing in the Scottish League where possible and have a little passion. Look at N.Ireland, not the best squad of players in the world but they play like a club side and work for each other, we don’t.

It was not just the result last night, this has been going on for years with nothing being done to improve our situation but the last three games have been very poor overall and just not good enough.

Now a lot of people will be asking if Gordan Strachan will go, the SFA won’t sack him but he should go, his time is over as far as I am concerned. There is talk today that if Gordan Strachan goes then Alex McLeish should be brought back, not for me. He had his chance and he walked out, he is also not that good. I would like to see us take our time, maybe have a different manager for each of the games left until we find a way ahead. Some people say it can’t get any worse, yes it can and it will if the so called SFA don’t start to address the many problems we face and a decent manager I believe can get more out of the those players, but please not McLeish, he is another yesterday man and not the way ahead.


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