I’m with Her? An Error of Judgement!

A friend of mine who I know has very very good instincts and political judgement, an SNP member, has been a little annoyed that Nicola Sturgeon used the SNP website to express her support for Hilary Clinton in yesterdays American Elections. Nicola accepts on the website that she was breaking with tradition by publicly backing Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Nicola noted she would welcome the first female President of America, that her election would send a powerful message on gender equality to the world and that she would be a role model all around the world while accepting that no politician is perfect. Personally I believe that Hilary Clinton would turn out to be as bad or possibly even worse than Donald Trump but at the end of the day it was up to the American people to decide. They did, they voted for Donald Trump to be the 45th President of America which was their right to do and good luck to them.

However, Nicola Sturgeon used the SNP website to publicly endorse Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. I agree with my friend, the SNP website was not the platform to express her personal opinion, the website should be the platform for policy discussion , announcements, government action and consultation etc. I also think that the First Minister of Scotland should not have publicly endorsed Hilary Clinton, who like Donald Trump is no friend of Scottish self determination, but is also a woman of very questinable character as equally questionable as Donald Trump. The fact she is a woman did not make her the better candidate in my opinion, for what it’s worth that was Bernie Sanders all the way but the American election system is what it is, not perfect very much like our own.

I’m not that bothered if Donald Trump is an ally to Scotland or not, probably he is not, and what will be will be. Nicola Sturgeon though in making her personal opinion public, like Kezia Dugdale going to campaign for Hilary Clinton the other week, has made an error of judgement that the First Minister of Scotland, leading a party seeking independence cannot afford to make. Who really cares what Kezia Dugdale does, but we do care about what the First Minister says and does and on this occasion she got it wrong.

Nicola Sturgeon has been an excellent First Minister, doing the best she can with the limited powers at her disposal while fighting our own right wing nightmares on three sides with the yoon parties, but Nicola also cannot afford to make this kind of judegement often. We are about to enter a very interesting political period that will shape Scotland’s future far beyond my lifetime, if we lose like we did in 2014 then there is no hope, no coming back. Let’s hope that Scottish Government Minsters leave the poilitics of other countries to them and keep their personal opinions to themselves in future and not use the party platform to express them.



  1. lanark

    We were all annoyed when foreign leaders stuck their noses in during he 2014 referendum. (That creep Abbott really made me angry – it’s OK for Australia to be independent but not anyone else?). So I agree that Nicola, however well intentioned, shouldn’t have backed Clinton so publicly. Hillary would have been a more eloquent and dangerous foe of Scottish independence than blustery balloon Donald.

    If we are allowed another referendum, we have to win because conditions will be attached to another vote which would make a third vote (in the event of another No win) impossible for a long time, perhaps forever.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I agree, she has made her first really public mistake that I can think of but it is still a mistake that might hurt us. The result didn’t surprise me to be honest and neither Trump or Clinton are friends of Scotland but will no doubt feel free to comment on Scotlands future which just annoys me to be honest. Fingers crossed we learn from our mistakes.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    I am not sure it is that huge a mistake. The USA is pretty divided. About the same as here on Brexit. What is more, they have been fooled in the same way as folks were fooled by much the same techniques as the Leave campaign used. Trump is no anti-elitist, that is just the same kind of pap that was peddled about Farage. He is just a front for them.

    With an all Republican Government, things are going to get very nasty indeed for the 99%.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I think it’s more about the First Minister commenting on the election in another country and expressing a preference, I am not comfortable with it to be honest. I know that Tim Farron etc have went a lot further and slagged Donald Trump off but I didn’t like it during the Independence Referendum when Obama, Trump, Clinton and many in the EU got involved so the same standards should apply for me from this end. I don’t know how it will work out as I thought that both candidates were as bad as each other but it was up to Americans to decide.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Alan

    Aye, it’s a real boo-boo on Sturgeon’s part.

    But the hilarious thing? The opposition can’t do a damn thing about it, because they (backed Hillary/opposed Trump) as well! Even more strongly, really. Remember that Gary Tank Commander interview of the party leaders before the Holyrood elections? Stymied.

    Ah well. It won’t help things, but remember the Trump-Scotland feud(if there is really one) started years ago – if Trump’s going to hold a grudge against us, it would have been because of those wind turbines and local opposition to his property developments.

    Watching FMQ, our idiot opposition just brought it up lol. And Kezia got the broadside and Sturgeon appears to be standing firm about opposing Trump’s values, such as they are.

    • grumpyscottishman


      For me it was a mistake and to be fair the first one that the First Minister has really made, so not the end of the world, but hopefully all the politicians will just stay out of others political debates because we are inviting them to take part in the next Project Fear Part Two. I also agree that no one from the opposition is going to say anything as they have said far worse, what I don’t get is that they didn’t think Donald Trump could win when many of us thought he would given how disliked Hilary Clinton is in America. Haven’t seen FMQs, will try and record it, always good to see Ruth Davidson and the rest being shit down.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. trispw

    I’d prefer it if leaders didn’t interfere with politics in other countries. Of course, they may have opinions about what would be best for their countries. But I can remember how angry I was with Obama for sticking his nose in our elections/referenda.

    Now it’s not the same thing, I accept. Obama begged us to vote UK/EU. That was a specific piece of advice Nicola expressed a preference and as far as I know gave no instructions.

    Of course Ruth’s little tweet on the subject was, erm, far from statesmanlike.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Look up what Tim Farron has said, he does not look at all good with his comments and actually makes Ruth Davidson look sane. I still believe Nicola was wrong on this one thought and wrong to use the SNP website as her forum. I don’t want comments from Donald Trump etc during the next Indy Ref but we have now invited it and provided the yoon press with future ammunition with which to talk rubbish with. The result did not surprise me at all as both candidates are awful but I do think that Hilary Clinton was the worst of the two, more is going to come out about the Clinton Foundation etc and the links to the banks etc.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Brian

    Agreed. She should have kept her own counsel. Trump is a racist, misogynist bigot. Clinton is a warmongering liar, in the pockets of big Finance. It was a terrible decision to come out in favour of either.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Totally agree, both were awful and the First Minister should have kept her personal opinion to herself in my opinion and not used her position and the SNP website for expressing it, I didn’t agree with much of what she said either to be fair.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. bjsalba

    You don’t think Trump is in the beholden to big Finance? I would say he is way deeper beholden to them in business terms. What is he going to do for finance when he leaves office?

    Oh and look, suddenly he has changed his tune on the wall and double checking the muslims – only slightly slower than Farage when he ran away from £350M for the NHS.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I don’t doubt it but he is wealthy enough to not care all that much I would imagine. I never believed he would build a wall or send people back to Syria. He will scupper TTIP and that is not a bad thing in my opinion, he won’t rubber stamp any deals with the EU and that might help the UK but who really knows.

      They were both awful choices and I am glad I did not have to vote in that election and my kids who are half American and old enough have never registered to vote but didn’t like either candidate.

      Thanks for commenting.


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