I actually agree with the Scottish Daily Mail, this practice STINKS.

The Scottish Daily Mail ran the story below yesterday and I found that I actually agree with them.


Now I know the practice is not illegal or against the rules, I also understand that given the SNP make up virtually all of the MPs in Scotland this is an SNP bad story by the Scottish Daily Mail but I agree with the principle. The Committee on Standards in Public Life have found that the practice risks damaging public confidence, too late, that happened a long time ago. As I noted, while this is an SNP bad story, we shouldn’t forget that Conservative MP Nadine Dorris paid her daughters up to £80k from the public purse to work in her office… and actually gave one a £15k pay rise.

Another scumbag Tory MP Dan Poulter put his mother Carol’s salary up to £39,999 from the £30,000-£34,999 pay band, employing her as his secretary. British Labour Party vice-chairman Michael Dugher MP put his wife Joanna’s wages up from £19,999 to as much as £34,999, Labour whip Phil Wilson MP increased his wife Margaret’s salary from £24,999 to £39,999 and Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery put his wife Hilary on £24,999 from £9,999. Nothing illegal about it and nothing against the rules but it STINKS. I know that Wings Over Scotland has pointed out the hypocrisy of the Scottish Daily Mail on this issue, I accept that, but again the principle of MPs not employing family is correct. I don’t care if MPs spend a lot of time away from their family, they knew what they were getting into, I don’t care that the family members might actually be brilliant in the roles they take on, it looks and feels wrong, it stinks to be honest.

This practice has to end, we have had the MPs expenses scandal, we still have the bloody awful House of Lording over us all, we have to put up with the bloody Royals who suck up tax payers money like a rocket fuel powered Dyson vacuum cleaner so, for me, enough is enough. Lets not hire our family, lets not hire our mates, why not take someone off the bru, why not train up some young people, why don’t we try to clean up politics, every little bit helps. I have little faith in politicians, those days are well gone apart from a few decent local councillors in Dundee, so no matter if the numbers are low, as I said, it stinks.



  1. TB

    This practice of reading, and publicizing the Daily Mail has to end. Next you’ll be voting “no” to Europe, or something.

  2. Helena Brown

    The Civil Service should supply staff, end of. I agree though with TB, no more Daily Mail, they and the (spit) Express make me sick.

    • Anonymous


      That’s a good call but probably one that will never be considered. I understand not wanting to see anything from the Xcess and Daily Diana but these are the ones we have to call out as these are the toilet papers that many no voters read. We might never move them over to the yes side but at least we can point out that what they are paying for is lies, nothing more than hatred, xenophobia, the worst. Tris has highlighted the front pages on his blog and it really is shameful list which really puts the UK in perspective.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    Here’s a way of looking at the Fail and the Ex*ress – to appreciate the light, you must spend a little time in the darkness (and it is very dark indeed there).

    Like the author, I agree with the Mail here. I admit is a strange feeling and it will soon pass.

    • Anonymous


      I do agree with the Mail on this one even though they are using the issue for their weekly SNB bad story but I do think we need to keep hammering away at those papers. As I responded to Helena I don’t think we will ever change minds of the people who read them but we can at least show that anyone buying that rubbish are paying for hate and lies. They are a disgrace.

      Thanks for commenting.


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