Anyone Surprised?

The Daily Mail printed a story that HMRC had only successfully prosecuted one tax avoider since 2012.


The unit has 380 staff, costs 15 million pounds per year and it would seem are pretty useless. Some MP’s feel that HMRC will just not use the powers they have to take on the rich and powerful, they will take on a vulnerable person who has been over paid a social security benefit through no fault of their own but taking on a wealthy multi millionaire with lots of lawyers is a different story, no let’s go after the poor and vulnerable who have no lawyers. It seems the Public Accounts Committee will be launching an investigation into this shambles, however I suspect that like Chilcott we won’t see anything until 2032 and we’ll be independent hopefully by then.

This just sums up the Tory Government since 2010, one law for us and one law for the rich and powerful, it certainly seems they are protected by the Conservative Party doesn’t it. George Osborne said “We will also target tax evasion and off-shore tax havens… Everyone must pay their share”. obviously that was shit and didn’t apply to David Cameron and family. Pierre Mirabaud, President of the Swiss Banking Association, said “Britain’s legal system allows people depositing money to hide their identities behind a trust system. The consequence of this is that the authorities’ investigations reach no conclusions, because the banks really don’t know who their customers are”. I know who I believe. We had better all get ready for more of the same given the Tories will be in Government for the next 20 years, independence anyone.



  1. Helena Brown

    Nope Bruce, not one bit. Husband asked this morning why blue collar workers in the US were voting for a Billionaire, and I replied, why dud working people here vote for UKip and the Tories. As long as the Tory Party remain in power things will only get worse for the 99%, Independence here is the only answer, regardless of the question.

    • Anonymous


      I can’t get my head round why anyone would vote Tory who has little or nothing, work month to month, I just don’t understand it at all. They have never given a crap about anyone lower then themselves, it’s all rubbish they spout yet people believe them and fall for the rubbish they spout. If Labour had had any sense at all the Tories would never have gotten back in but they got greedy for power and money, as always.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Gary F

    Not surprised by this at all. All by design I’m afraid.

    Lets not kid ourselves on that independence will sort this out. It won’t. Sadly, enough people have bought into the failed neoliberal economic model that this all fits into. People have been sold a lemon yet are still unable to take a step back and acknowledge that they have a lemon.

    Hopefully better and fairer economic and social models will rise from the fast approaching next leg of the financial crisis. I won’t hold my breath!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if independence will sort it out but it can’t get any worse I suppose and at least it would be our government elected by us and equally thrown out by us. I’m no expert when it comes to economics but have always stuck by the idea that if people don’t have money they can’t buy things, if they can’t buy things then things don’t get made and if things don’t get made people don’t have jobs. Simplistic I know. We have all been sold a lemon though, you are spot on there.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. tris

    No surprise, but I suspect that if there were another Labour government in the future, nothing would change. It went on under Blair and Brown.

    • Anonymous


      Gary was saying the same thing and you are both probably right but at least it would be our own fault and not the fault of a government we didn’t elect and is not accountable to us.

      Thanks for commenting.


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