The world has gone mad!

It is being reported that Gareth Bale, Real Madrid and Wales midfielder, has signed a new deal at Real Madrid worth an astonishing £600.000 per week.


I like football, however I rarely attend a game in person these days due to cost, can’t be bothered, child care and Scottish Football not being all that good just now. I do have Sky Sports but I am actually considering getting rid of it due to the fact that I am pretty much footballed out and I am not that bothered by English Football in the main, my team are the Mighty Dees, Dundee Football Club.

Over the last couple of years though, maybe longer, I have started to get sick of the antics, behaviour, and attitude of the so called top players in football. From Ronaldo (Real Madrid) who would marry himself if he could, to Messi (Barcelona) found guilty of tax evasion but gets away with it in Spain, and now Bale reportedly receiving what can only be described as a disgusting amount of money to kick a ball around.

While it is fair to say that the vast majority of players will never make a rich living out of football, the sport has become a cynical money making con that is so far up its own arse it is scary and perfectly reflects the wider UK and Conservative mantra of look out for number one. There can be no justification for that kind of money, not the players fault, he will grab what he can and may well be a decent guy, but the cost of this salary will be passed on to the fans who buy the tickets, buy the tops, pay the TV subscription, the very people who can least afford it will be the ones either forced out of the game or made poorer because of their devotion to their club, do you think any of the top players will care, I don’t.

In season 2015/16 Arsenal had a season ticket priced at £2013 at the highest end of the scale, the most expensive season ticket in Scotland was Celtic Football Club at £559, expensive enough. But as the chart shows below the price of football is now a total joke. Even where the price looks reasonable, this is often a restricted view seat like at Celtic Park where you might have a huge pole in front of you so things like Gareth Bale’s weekly salary demonstrates that football fans are well and truly having the piss taken out of them year on year.


In the current economic climate there can be no justification for that kind of salary, even ignoring the fact that it is just indecent, top footballers are becoming the new bankers and what you get for your buck does not justify the cost. It’s bad enough that many are full of themselves, that tv is saturated with not that great football on a nightly basis, and the game is so far removed now at the top level from the man and woman in the street you have to wonder if the world really has gone mad.


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