Something Different: Britain’s Greatest Sportsman

Daley Thomson, Kenny Dalgleish, Ian Botham, Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Nick Faldo all make the list of Britain’s Greatest Sportsman and in fact Daley Thomson was voted the greatest but they are wrong. I am going show you who Great Britain’s Greatest Sportsman is and it is the man below:


Born in Stoke on Trent in 1960 Phil ‘ The Power ‘ Taylor is not only my favourite all time Sportsman but the Greatest Sportsman that the United Kingdom has ever seen. Phil Taylor is a living legend, the man is a sporting God, the man has achieved more than anyone has in the sporting arena anywhere in the world and deserves to be recognised as such. Phil Taylor has won 16 World Championships, 15 World Matchplays, 11 World Grand Prix, 6 Grand Slams, 6 Premier Leagues, 4 Championship Leagues, 5 Desert Classics, 4 European Championships, 5 UK Opens, and a host of other darts tournaments around the world totalling something like 84 major titles.

No one will ever match or pass that record, MVG, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright, Barneveld none of them will match the greatness of Phil ‘ The Power ‘ Taylor. There are and have been some amazing darts players from Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson, Martin Adams, Raymond Van Barneveld, John Part, MVG, Bob Anderson, John Lowe, Dennis Priestley but Phil Taylor tops the lot. As we approach Christmas the World Championships start on December 17th at the Ally Pally, Gary Anderson from Scotland has won the last two and is an amazing player but for me I hope Phil ‘ The Power’ Taylor makes it number 17, I would love to watch the greatest make an even bigger stamp on the sporting world.

Phil Taylor you are the Great Britain’s Greatest Ever Sportsman and I don’t care what anyone says.



  1. lanark

    Darts is one of the few sports I follow, so this article really got me thinking. The sheer length of time that Taylor has spent at the top of his game is staggering. I wouldn’t bet against him getting to 20 championships, far lless 17.

    • Anonymous


      I have always enjoyed watching darts, even in the old bbc pints and fags BDO days but got serioulsy into it about 10 years ago and Phil Taylor pretty much made the sport world wide on his own. I am watching the Europeans this weekend and Phil Taylor is playing well, as is James Wade and MVG. Not a huge fan of MVG, amazing player and no doubt the best in the world just now but there is just something that I haven’t taken to. Phil is by far my favourite closely followed by Gary Anderson and James Wade, I also liked Paul Nicholson but he rarely makes into the big tournaments now. I hope Phil wins but it will be tough with MVG looking decent this weekend.

      Thanks for commenting, a fellow darts fan, cool.


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