I was reading an interview in the October IScot Magazine with former Labour MP and MSP Malcolm Chisholm and just thought to myself that a comment he made was the paradox for many Labour voters.


Malcolm said that the ” political arguments for independence have got stronger, “attachment to Great Britain has weakened greatly since 1979”. Malcolm implies that the political argument for independence has been won but that the economics have gotten worse and that economics trumps politics. That might be true for the ordinary man or woman in the street but should it for a politician?

Now a paradox is a statement that, despite apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to a self-contradictory or a logically unacceptable conclusion. Some logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking (wiki).

Isn’t the paradox here that only independence can put into the hands of the politicians the powers that a Government needs to try to effect the economy, but in Labour speak, unless the economy, controlled by the people who would deny that independence, improves greatly, then they cannot support the political argument even if they think it has been won. Now is it just me or is that nuts, is that a no win position that can only result in burying your head in the sand and denying everything you see around you. I just don’t get the thinking of many who campaigned for a no vote, Malcolm being one of them.

Are they so afraid to take power, so afraid to have to actually make the decisions that normal politicians in independent countries make every day. There is a part of me that see a cowardice in their arguments, a lack of faith in themselves, their country and their fellow citizens and that must be some of the saddest feelings anyone can have. Those of us on the yes side might sometimes feel powerless but have the optimism of the argument, the fight for what we know to be the way ahead. But for those unionists like Malcolm, to be powerless and afraid must be even worse to live with, knowing that the political arguments you believe in have been lost but you are still paralysed by fear. Who would want to be them, not me.



  1. lanark

    This is surely the only country in the world where the inhabitants are constantly told that they are useless and lesser human beings just for being born here. Sadder still is that most accept it and that much of this slurry is pumped out from a device invented by a Scot.

    Pardon my manners for not saying so before, but I’m glad you enjoyed your Spanish holiday and you’re back blogging!

    • Bruce Hosie

      It does seem to explain certain Labour thinking does it. I just don’t get it at all, surely the point of politics is to represent your constituents and have as much control as possible within the parliament you work in but obviously not Labour. They also suffer from a real lack of faith in themselves and their country, all very sad if you ask me. Thanks I enjoyed the holiday, Madrid is lovely and the people were very nice and hospitable, expensive though.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Brian

    Thanks Bruce. I understand your concern about “the paradox”. It is only the Labour party and Tory party in Scotland who are holding this country back. Not because they believe any of the economic arguments, indeed even the mighty Deutsche Bank, who once condemned the notion of independence, said in Feb 2015 that Scotland is one of four European “regions” who would be better off, economically, “going it alone”. These allegiance these two parties hold to their English masters trumps anything that could be in the best interests of Scotland and the Scottish people.

    • Bruce Hosie

      You are totally correct, for too many of them it just doesn’t matter, they are British first and that’s that. I never knew that about Deutsche Bank, that is interesting and probably not that well reported anywhere. I think I have pretty much given up on the super yoons, they are just not worth the effort anymore and pretty much depress me. They are petty and those type of people wear you down if you are not careful, they suck the hope out of you.

      Thanks for commenting.


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