Something Different: Football Manager 2D or 3D?

I like to play Football Manager, I am absolutely no good at it but it is the only game I really play other than beating a certain Liberal Democrat at on-line scrabble every once and a while. I recently bought a new PC, mainly for word processing and for this blog. The specs are slightly lower than my previous laptop, which belongs to my wife, so I have been mucking about with the settings. I loaded Football Manager 2014 and decided to go back to 2D graphics (see below).


The very first version of the game I purchased had only text updates and then there was a leap in development and we ended up with 2D graphics. This was a major move forward for the game at the time and certainly added to the enjoyment of playing the game, the detail and complexity also developed and the game started to take a lot longer to play. Books were even written about it as a lot of men, myself included, had many debates with wives about the fantasy life of a Football Manager lol. Around 2011/12 3D graphics came along and took the game to a new level (see below).


The 3D graphics certainly added to the enjoyment of the game but have always been flawed here and there, weird actions of the players etc but it did add to the game. Now I can use 3D graphics on my new PC, it’s puts a little strain on the graphics card as it’s a windows 7 computer as I decided to buy a new older pc due not liking windows 10 at all. However I have found that I actually like the 2D graphics a bit more and it speeds up the game a little, of course you can always switch the graphics off altogether. Does anyone else play the game and if yes what do you think?



  1. Sod the System

    call me boring but I always preferred using the Instant Result tools when I played FIFA Manager (although I do not think they make this anymore). I sometimes used the Text Updates as well but had it on the “fast speed” option, as I have never liked the 3D stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Sod the System

      Yeah I have done that a few times and must admit the 2D is faster and better as it is a good game if somewhat time consuming.

      Thanks for commenting.


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