It’s not England’s fault all the time

Something that has always bothered me is the constant comparing of what is going on in Scotland with what is going on in England. All the parties do it but does it serve to just further an inferiority complex that some seem to have regarding Scotland and its place in the world.

Some people call it the ‘Scottish Cringe’, a perceived inferiority of England and the English through a sense of resentment and under achievement of ourselves as Scots. I grew up with a belief that everything is England’s fault, not a belief I have now, but one that some, including many of our politicians still have. I recognise in myself a cynicism that I have always had, that many people around me have, a blame culture that has surrounded me my whole life and continues to today in a small degree even though I have come to understand that having that view actually keeps myself down.

A lot has been written about the ‘The Scottish Cringe’ over the years but something I read recently by Bill Forsyth the Film Director caught my eye, he said about Scotland “It’s either had an inferiority complex or the opposite. It’s just a little schizophrenic nation like most little nations seeking an identity”. There is a lot of truth in that statement.

We, or many of us, bang on about how great we are but our politicians can only measure our success by comparing our society to the failure of England’s in so many ways. The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberals will talk up how great things are in England compared to Scotland when the facts suit them and the SNP will compare how good things are here when the facts suit them. Now I recognise that as sadly being part of the political game but is it all holding us back.

I am not for talking ourselves up all the time in the hope that will somehow make all of our problems go away, it won’t. But with a possible independence referendum on the horizon I am starting to think that the constant comparisons with England will make it harder to win any future vote. I have a huge problem with Westminster and our lack of democracy in the United Kingdom and in particular Scotland, but I don’t have a problem per say with England because I don’t really care all that much what they do, it is their business, but I understand what Westminster does can, and often does, have a detrimental effect on Scotland.

I actually don’t think that many Scots have a problem with the English, I blame the politicians and the media for this perception as it’s suits their purpose, I think most people probably don’t care all that much as we all just want to get on with our lives in many ways but the politicians won’t let it go. I want a divorce from Westminster but not from Wales, Northern Ireland or England. We share this island and will continue to share this island.

However, as we move towards Indy2, is it time to pretty much ignore England to a degree. Comparing ourselves to England at a political level all the time by our politicians will reduce our chance to win in my opinion. We have got to find our own story now, not looking to the past, not looking to England or anywhere else. We don’t need to believe in a Scottish utopia but we do need to chart our own path.

I appreciate and totally understand that our current political circumstances make it difficult to make the decisions we might want to make, and we should continue to point out at every opportunity where the Union does not work, but we do need to make our circumstances work as best we can. Maybe we need to operate as best we can as if we are already an independent country.

I like the SNP idea of having a trade mission in Germany, let’s see if we can have as many of them as we can afford all over the world. Let’s continue to engage with countries on our own terms and let Westminster try to stop us. If countries don’t want to engage fine, but let’s make the effort. There are many reserved matters we can’t do anything about but we can chart our own path where we can and screw Westminster.

We may not be an independent country, we won’t be recognised by many if any as one, Westminster will continue to make life difficult but so what, f them. It’s our journey and it’s time we stopped caring what they think, if we can do that maybe we can and will win the next time.

Just a thought.



  1. Helena Brown

    I have never l blamed England, the blame lies firmly in our own hands. We and those political choices have been firmly to blame. Sticking with parties who main idea was not caring, indeed not fighting for this country but for Party advantage.
    The time is ripe to stand on our own two feet and loved them or loathe them the Scottish National Party care for Scotland and her people.

    • grumpyscottishman


      When I was younger and far less aware I fell into the whole it’s England’s fault narrative but came to learn that, as you say, it was and continues to be our fault the problems we have. I just wish the politicians would stop comparing like for like, it just doesn’t matter. It is what we do that matters and time to just get on with it as best we can and I really do believe operate as much as we can as if we are independent, really who carers what Westmonster and the 3 yoon MPs think anymore, time to try and ignore them and chart our own path. However, if the SNP keep falling into the yoon trap of comparing like for like we will never get the chance to move and we really have to if we want to win in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    I don’t blame England for our ills at all. England acts in what it believes is best for England and why shouldn’t it?

    Our situation is the fault of Scottish Unionists, going right back to the sell outs of 1707. The present bunch remind me of the song The Beaten Generation (reared on a diet of predjudice and misinformation).

    • Bruce Hosie


      Totally agree, in my misguided youth I fell for it but our biggest problem is ourselves and the jockholme syndrome yoons.

      I do though believe that we need to start acting differently and stop falling into the yoon traps that make us look anti English and there for accused of it by all yoons.

      I think the SNP have got to stop comparing ourselves to England, let the 3 stooges do that at Holyrood.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. bjsalba

    I agree that it is a small number of people (some of them Scots) in London/Westminster who are the problem, not the English as a whole.

    However, do remember that since Indyref1 was announced, while we have been fed on a diet of Scotland the subsidy junkie and SNP Baad, that was not what was in the English edition most of the time. It was mainly England has no control of its borders, the nasty Foreigners (with no distinction between Migrants and Refugees) are coming here and going on benefits and/or taking our jobs, getting council houses, NHS services etc etc. That hid the real cause of their problems – Westminster.

    I have not seen any signs yet that many of the folks who were gulled by the media and the Tory politicians have seen the light.

    I do think that SNP will do whatever it takes, but saying what that is up front would not be wise. Disorganised as Westminster is, I wouldn’t want to give them any breaks.

    • Anonymous


      I agree with you about seeing enough people move over to yes and I blogged patience a while back and still kinda feel the same. I don’t think we would win, I am starting to think that the results of a complete Brexit and the pain that will cause might be the only thing that might convince enough Scots to vote to YES.

      Thanks for commenting.


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