Something Different: Madrid 2

Ok, so just back from Madrid this morning after a long night travelling back to Fundee. As always it’s good to be home, the two oldest kids didn’t destroy the house but it is raining, the Dees lost again and the gas has went on the blink so waiting on British Gas to turn up to try to fix it but it sounds like a new meter is going to need fitted outside so no doubt won’t be easy or quick. Anyway, Madrid was really nice. Once we had sussed out how to use the Metro system life was so much more easier. Anyway here are some photos:


Madrid Rio Park Project runs for around 7 miles through the City and is an urban park with sports facilities, playparks, walking areas, cycling areas, outdoor gyms and other buildings and activities. This I really enjoyed as it was wall to wall families and very very peaceful.


Capital building, lovely building with a message that I don’t think you will see anywhere in London.


Street soccer pitch for young people to use, these are all over the City. Look like a lot of fun.


Estudio Sampere and gardens. Spent the afternoon here and it is another lovely park area in the Centre of Madrid with a variety of things to do but really just for chilling out.


Variety of pics from out and about.


So Madrid is pretty much a lovely City. The people were so very polite and welcoming, I never heard one F word in my whole time there. Compare that to arriving in London on Saturday night where in the underground we saw wall to wall drunk people, girls being grabbed by drunks in the stations, nothing but F words everywhere, litter everywhere, rudeness everywhere. I don’t think the EU are going to miss the UK at all. Madrid is a very clean City but there is graffiti all over the place and that takes away from what is a really beautiful City. The food I enjoyed but everything is sweet and comes with bread, to be honest I was a bit sick of the food near the end, just wanted some home comforts I guess.

Only one time did we get asked if we were English, in a Cafe when we were having lunch, I said I was Scottish and a woman at the bar gave a little clap. Overall my dislike of travelling was more than made up for by having a nice break in Madrid with my wife and youngest son. I would go back again and I think I would enjoy it even more as I would have a better idea how it all works and would take more time to learn a little more of the language.

My wife said she could live there.



  1. jimnarlene

    Looks like a fantastic place.
    As for the graffiti, when I was in Turin there was lots of graffiti, it turns out it was mostly political. I forget the politician’s name, but he was to wake up, with a gun in his mouth; according to one of the slogans. Still a great city to visit, and the Italians love the Scots.

    • Anonymous


      Sounds interesting. Other things I found was that the pound tanking has made everything more expensive but there was no bad language etc at all. Everyone was very nice and the weather just ideal for the time we visited.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Helena Brown

    Made me very envious, was hoping to go next year but until things get fixed not willing to risk going. The pound is the least if people’s worries, if it tanks further holidays will get more expensive and travel firms could go bust. Graffiti was everywhere in both Athens and Lisbon circa 2013 when we were there, Amsterdam as well, not so much In Germany last year and definitely not in Lucerne.

    • Brian

      Wall to wall graffiti in Rome and Naples last year. Best slogan on a wall in Naples as you enter the city from the Harbour :
      “F**K AUSTERITY”. Without the asterisks of course.

    • Bruce Hosie


      I think the pound has found its true worth to be honest but the problem we have, as we have all been banging on about on the sane side, is that we don’t make things any more and nothing anyone wants to buy The stuff we do make. The graffiti was annoying though in what is a stunning city.

      Thanks for commenting.


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