Defending the Union

The Tory Conference this week has descended into what can only be described as a nightmare if you are Scottish of the YES persuasion or from another country not England. The Tories keep telling us what we can’t have so it got me thinking who actually defends this Union! Well this is the type of people who defend the union of the parliaments.

We have Janet Simpson “the uk government should block any referendum from the snats ms sturgeon wants it her way or no way and shes a determined little bugger put her up against a wall and shoot her please im sick to death of hearing about her”.

We have Eric Nelson “I was born and bred in Scotland but live in Belfast Northern Ireland and I’m British, Nationalists want nothing to do with anything British only their money”.

We have James Bell “ 2 yrs ago we voted No and Sturgeon didn’t accept that so she’s not listening to the people she supposedly represents, so therefore in my opinion she should be removed from office and the Nazi SNP party disbanded for the unrest they’re causing in Scotland”. #RuleBrittania

We have Ellen King “Absolutely. Block a referendum. Banish the the SNP from the UK send them to Brussels they will feel more at home there”.

We have Michael Fisher “Drop a 5,000,000 ton aspic blob on Knickerless Sturgeon and the SNP. Preserve it and display in the National Museum of Scotland as the lowest form of life that Scotland has ever known”.

Happy union day to each and every one of you who helped save Scotland and the United Kingdom from certain destruction by the snp and their sick twisted separation fantasies! It was no then and it will always be no. We are British and proud FTSNP!


We have Darrell Esdale Last king of Scotland… “Tosser, good folks of Scotland want to remain British… You don’t see N Ireland & Wales winging ffs… Get over it Kranky & twat face… 2 bigots who hate the rest of the UK for there own agendas… SNP are as good as SF IRA…. Wake up Scotland it’s not about history it’s about the future… FAB”

So when we think about the Tory Conference this week, the new lows that they stooped down to regarding foreigners as they call them, let’s have a wee thought for the yoons above who support them. I left in all their typos, worse than my own.



  1. tris

    Pity that the UK press (mostly owned from that dreadful place, “Abroad”), never notices that kind of stuff when they “WHINGE” about Cybernats.

    • grumpyscottishman


      The press just won’t report the yoons, like they wont hold Davidson or the other yoonist politicians to account, they just won’t do it so hopefully the National will keep going, the blogs and sites like Wings, it’s the best hope we have.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Helena Brown

    Reading Wearescotland I had a thought, how about we keep all the folk who love Scotland and we export all those people who denigrate this place. I rather think the Westminster Government would have them on buses back before the dust settled. Trouble with these willing tools, not a mistype, the think they are exempted, they are just Jocks like the rest of us in England.

    • Bruce Hosie


      Maybe when we win the next time the yoons might decide the happiness and joy will be too much to bear. They will move to Newcastle , poor Newcastle. Everyone else who wants to be here from wherever is fine with me .

      Thanks for commenting .


  3. lanark

    Reading crap like this from “Scottish” people reminds me of the words of Robert Cunninghame Graham :
    “The enemies of Scottish Nationalism are not the English, for they were ever a great and generous folk, quick to respond when justice calls. Our real enemies are among us, born without imagination”.

    If the comments you have posted above is all they can think of when defending their precious Union, then it isn’t worth saving.

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