Not in my Name, EVER!

I don’t usually post twice in one day but did I wake up in the 1960’s this morning? Maybe even the 1930’s!

Listening to the Tories I am starting to think we all did, below is some of the crap they are spouting:

Amber Rudd, Conservative Home Secretary, vows to stop migrants ‘taking jobs British people could do‘ and force companies to reveal number of foreigners they employ. She revealed that companies could be forced to publish the proportion of “international” staff on their books in a move which would effectively “name and shame” businesses which are failing to take on British workers.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary said “the NHS will be “self-sufficient” within 10 years and not have to rely on foreign doctors”.

Theresa May, Conservative Prime Minister, “Once we leave the EU there will be the opportunity to control movements coming from the European Union.

Boris Johnson, Tory MP and current Foreign Minister, wrote in an article for The Sun in April 2016, that asserted that US president Barack Obama had an “ancestral dislike” of Britain, and described him as “part-Kenyan”.

David Davis, Brexit Minister, “We must control immigration,” and he adds: “We will control borders and we will bring the numbers down.”

Tory Cabinet Minister Chris Grayling confirms only “some” workers’ rights will be protected when we leave the EU.

The Tories appear to be descending into a xenophobic celebration of toryness. I might have voted leave but I did not vote leave to demonize Europeans, I did not vote leave to allow the Tories to take this country back to the dark ages. I did not vote leave so that right-wing nutters in the Tory Party can practice their hate, I totally regret and feel ashamed by my leave vote today, I totally regret that my leave vote has been hijacked by ring wing xenophobic Tories, who going on what they say, might be wearing jack boots under their clothes.

I am married to a Ghanaian, my children are mixed race, is this what the UK has become! I really regret that my leave vote, and all the other leave votes made in good faith, have opened the door to hate, the little Englanders in the Tory Party, like in 1964, are coming out their dark hiding places.


Some commentators, are even comparing the Tory Conference to 1930’s Germany, are they wrong!

Theresa May, my message to you is, not in my name. To any EU citizens who might read this, or citizens from other countries who have settled in Scotland, the Tories do not represent Scotland.

Ruth Davidson says the SNP don’t represent Scotland, well Ruth, I’ll take Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP over your Conservative Parties xenophobic hate any day.

Scotland, let’s get the F*** out of this shitty country.



  1. jimnarlene

    Luckily Bruce, we in Scotland have a way out of this distopian nightmare, the fourth Reich of greater Engerland, a referendum is on the offing, and this time their lies hold no water, their powder is damp and they have shown the Scots we matter naught.
    Next time, we shall prevail, and we can show the world a true modern inclusive European country, a friend tonall that need one; Scotland.

    • Bruce Hosie


      If this doesn’t get Scots and people living in Scotland angry then nothing will. We have a UKip Government now that no one voted for. I feel angry and saddened but we are seeing the real Tory Party and sadly they are supported by many in little England . The UK has lost all decency and it is more vital we get out than ever before.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bringiton

    Next policy will be to set up “trading” posts in Africa and import forced labour for England’s failing services.
    I think there is now a lot of anger in Scotland about what has been done south of the border by England’s Tories and equally,how it is going to affect us here.

    • Anonymous


      There needs to be a lot of anger and a lot of fear. England has lost the plot and the silence from the autonomous Scottish Labour is a disgrace. Dugdale can’t help comment on everything else why so silent now. Interesting in many ways, do BLIS feel the same. The Tories though have set a new low bar that would the BNP proud.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    It’s even scarier than any of us could have imagined. Their mindset has never really changed. I take a small piece of comfort that my leave vote has helped to expose the true nature of the UK.

    It fills me with dread that my children could grow up in this British nightmare.

    We need out now. Then we can let the world know that there is at least part of this island that welcomes people.

    • Anonymous


      The leave has certainly brought their true feelings out you are right there. I also think May voted leave but not for the same democratic concerns that many leave voters had. But they have turned what for many was a reasoned thought out vote into a xenophobic nightmare. I hate that my leave vote is associated with that and I am ashamed of that. I agree Scotland has to get out now. The SNP have to put the pressure on and say there will be a referendum wether they like it or now and then we hit every yoon with this xenophobic bullshit and challenge them to defend the good little England UK.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Brian

    Shouldn’t we should just make them wear yellow badges or something? Or maybe stamp their foreheads with a big F? It would then be easier to round them up if the numbers get too big..

    • Anonymous


      I dread to think what comes next. Shit I dread going to England this weekend with my wife and kids as we are using Heathrow.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. TB

    “I totally regret and feel ashamed by my leave vote today”

    You should. You should have seen how your vote would have contributed to this state of affairs. Quite disgusting, actually.

    • jimnarlene

      Bit harsh there TB, everyone has regrets, but to acknowledge mistakes and take measures to mitigate the impact is worthy of praise, not condemnation.

    • tris

      TB: Sorry, disagree. There were many many reasons for voting to leave. 52% of Brits are not xenophobes, and Bruce most certainly isn’t.

      Save your condemnation surely for UKIP and their odious posters, the filthy rags that bombarded us daily with how ghastly foreigners were coming to steal our jobs and rampage over the country taking benefits as they went. And finally to the revolting Tory party for jumping on what they see as a populist vote to take us back to the 1800s and the Empire. May clearly sees herself as queen Victoria.

    • grumpyscottishman

      My reasons for my leave vote remain, I blogged about them at the time and immigration played no part in that, however I am ashamed that, like English votes for English Laws, the Tories have taken an honest vote and turned it to their own narrow advantage. Now some will say, like yourself, that we saw this coming, but no one saw the hate coming from the Government. From the right wing nutters maybe but not a Government. One thing that should be very clear now thought is that anyone voting no in the future will know exactly what they are voting for and there will be no hiding place.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. tris

    Well said, Bruce.

    Britain has become a hateful little place.

    It started I suppose many years ago with the demonisation of people thrown out of work by deindustrialisation.

    In recently years under Tory and labour governments we have been taught to distrust, and maybe even hate, people who are unemployed, or sick, or disabled.

    And recently, during the campaign the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Daily Diana and possibly, if they can manage to get tits off their front page, The Star have made it their mission to spread hatred about foreigners, regardless of whether they were the poor bastards, whose lives our interference in the Middle East has made unbearable, or our European partners.

    I’m inclined to think that there was more than a touch of Nazism in the subtext, indeed, the differentiation between people who were born here, and those here only to make their living, relies for its substance on the reading of Chapter Two of Mein Kampf as is pointed out on LBC:

    Today I was first of all ashamed, then embarrassed, angry, and frustrated because I didn’t have a blog to write about it. Most of all I’m scared. If the trashy tabloids managed to cause such a steep rise in race hate crime as they clearly did during the campaign, how will the terminally stupid take the fact that the UK government appears to back these papers’ attitudes?

    Will walking down the road talking French to my mate on my phone, leave me open to a racist hate bashing?

    The only thing that cheers me just a little is that hopefully, the fear of living in Little Britain with all its narrow-minded prejudices and de facto UKIP ruling party will persuade sufficient people that this is NOT a country they want to live in.

    I know I don’t want to.

    I am proud of our First Minister and of Kezia Dugdale for their comments. As we have always said, people who want to make their homes in Scotland and work and contribute to our country will always be welcomed by the SNP government and apparently by the Labour opposition. (I think there is absolutely no doubt at all that the Greens feel that way too). I’ve no idea about the Liberal Democrats,

    Don’t feel embarrassed about your vote Bruce.

    You didn’t vote out of xenophobia.

    I really don’t think that any of us could ever have guessed how scarily awful this would be.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I must admit this is probably the first time ever that I actually fear for the soul of the UK, it really has desended into a little England hell. They are harping back to the days of empire, greater servitude and know your place. The attacks on the poor and vulnerable where bad enough but they coached them in a way that even labour accepted them in the main and continue to today. But this week, this has been about pure hate, hate of anything not English and white, I am going down to England tomorrow night and will have to spend part of the the day in London but I can honestly say I am not looking forward to it at all. What a sad state of affairs.

      The press, Labour/Tory/Liberals/UKip all have a lot to answer for and we have got to make them pay at the ballot box for this, we have got to get out of this shitty union. There is no hiding place now for the yoons, for Davidson. If they continue to defend this then we have got to remind them every second of every day what they are arguing for. I would be ashamed to be associated with that, lets see Rennie, Darling, Dugdale etc stand on the same platform with the Tories now, but sadly when indy2 comes around they will, they will hope this will blow over and that people will forget, I bloody well won’t.

      When indy2 comes along, which it surely will, I know that any future no vote will leave me with no nationality, no country as I will not want to be a part of a Scotland that wants to be a part of this shit. I am ashamed of my leave vote, not my reasons for it, but for the fact that, like English votes for English laws, it has been hyjacked by a Government whose vail has truly slipped from their face. I am ashamed that they have taken the honest and decent votes made on well thought out and decent democratic principles and turned them into something that none of us can say sits happily with us.

      I haven’t seen what Dugdale has said but to be honest I can’t take anything she says seriously, she will change her spots as soon as she can get away with it, she is a plank. I did see some tweets from Lamont, she doesn’t get it and never has. Labour is such a dead party now that it has lost it’s soul, it’s afraid of it’self and it’s own shadow, the purges tell us all we need to know about the Red Tories and they are Tories no matter they say about this, they could have been fighting the Tories tooth and nail but are more interested in fighting for their ingrained privilege, f them.

      Thanks for commenting, hope the blog is fixed soon.


  7. East Neuker

    Your reasons for voting to leave the EU were entirely honourable. We had that debate (from opposing points of view) at the time.
    However, I think the consequences of a leave victory were quite foreseeable, and have come about much as I feared.
    Even worse than that, I see around me, even among Scots, that there is blind exultation on the right.
    I don’t think “Brexit” (horrible non-word) has increased the chances of a peaceful move to Scottish independence through civic nationalism, but feel instead an increased risk of Scottish unrest, which will be put down, by force, by this neo-fascist London regime.
    I am in despair. What do we do now?

    East Neuker

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      I remember you felt that there were potential serious problems ahead but I don’t think many were as astute as yourself. I think there are some Scots with similar views to many down south and in other parts of the UK but thankfully I have not came across many at all. I have been shocked by the Tory Conference though and the language that they have used, even by their standards it has been pretty much 1930’s Germany. I agree that the next indy ref is not going to be pleasant at all, it will be dirtier than anything we have seen and lines with be crossed on both sides and this xenophobia just makes it worse. I just know now there is no hiding place for the yoons anymore, ignorance is no longer an excuse, being British is no longer an excuse. If it’s a no in future then I will feel I have no nationality or country as I will not want to be part of a country that wants to be a part of this union.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  8. East Neuker

    Yeah, it’s going to get nasty, and us “vile separatists” will get the blame in the MSM, and especially the BBC.
    As someone who has to be in different countries of the EU I am noticing two things – hostility about British attitudes and some recognition of Scotland’s difference even if not fully understood.
    I’m going to France on Saturday and will make sure I take my saltire and EU flag badge.
    I was in Santander after the EU vote, and there was a definite undercurrent of exasperation with the U.K’s apparent presumptions about preferential treatment during exit. It’s an area of Spain where there is very little British presence, so it wasn’t resentment of tourist behaviour or the like.
    Luckily I don’t have to pass through England on my way. Like you, I would not relish that.
    What’s up with Tris’s Munguin blog anyway? I saw you mention it earlier and it seems to be completely stalled.
    East Neuker

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      Well the BBC have certainly done their best to avoid talking about the Tory conference and the issues, and Scotland Tonight have been no different by the sounds of things. I am not really looking forward to having to spend time in London this weekend, hopefully I can just get where I am going and try and catch a bit of the Scotland match if I can. Hopefully I’ll find a little more sympathy where I am going. Don’t know what is up with Munguin’s Republic, I had a similar issue with google blogging when I first started and moved over to word press after some advice from an IT guy at work. I hope Tris can figure it out as his blog is really important to the wider debate and also the first one I read every day, and the only one I tend to comment on to be honest. Some blogs you just get abuse and I have no time for that, I don’t get any on this blog which is good as life is too short for that rubbish. We can all be grown ups and have honest differences of opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.


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