Mundell – The Jokes on Us

David Mundell MP, the Tories lone MP in Scotland, told the Tory Conference today that the SNP have no divine right to rule.


I had to do a double take. Mundell, a member of the Government who got just 14.9% of the vote in the 2015 General Election in Scotland, 1.8% down on 2010, meaning ONE seat talking about the right to rule. A Conservative Party which only got 22% of the vote in the Holyrood Elections this year, and mainly as a result of tactical voting resulting in 31 seats, but 24 seats as a result of the consolation prize that is the list vote talking about the right to rule. You could not f****** make it up.

Mundell goes on to say “The SNP need to stop pursuing their own ideological agenda and start governing. “They’ve come to think they have a divine right to hold power and not to be held to account “. You could not f****** write it. Is this man on something, where does he get his delusion from, Mundell is right up there with Davidson when she slagged us off yesterday by saying that “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”

Wow, the Tories in Scotland are really showing their true colours. Theresa May, the unelected PM of a minority party in Scotland went on to tell us that “It’s the United Kingdom that’s negotiating to leave the European Union. “It’s the United Kingdom that voted to leave the European Union. “And it’s the United Kingdom government that has the task of conducting those negotiations”. She might as well have said get back in your box you dirty jocks, you have no say, we decide what is best for England and it’s regions, it’s only a Union on our terms.

So while I had a wee laugh, I wanted to have a wee cry. This is how we are Governed and by whom, this is how much Scotland means in this so-called Union, this is what the yoons want and the afraid and ignorant allow to happen. The joke is really on us for allowing this shit to go on one minute longer than it has to.

Mundell and Davidson are the public face of everything that is wrong with this country, little England in Scottish form, helped by the yoon voters, what a sad state of affairs, enough to make anyone cry.



  1. finnmacollie

    Mundell is totally out of his depth. If he had a job as a supermarket checkout operator he would be promoted beyond his capabilities. He is our Viceroy only because he is the last man standing – even then only by the skin of his teeth.

    I did not listen to Call Kaywithanee today (as I usually don’t) but I heard that they were talking about John Cleese’s tweet about half educated tenement Scots. It seemingly produced callers claiming that the SNP were anti-English. No, me neither. But no mention at all about Davidson’s slur on her fellow Scots. Contrast that with the hours of airtime given over to DykieGate a few weeks ago.

    I am minded of Renton’s “Scotland is shite” rant in Trainspotting.

    • grumpyscottishman


      They are so delusional and full of shit. I never heard any of of the Call kay murdir, footie show this morning, or for a few weeks thankfully, it’s pish and I am not surprised they never covered their darling defender of the shit Davidson. The Trainspotting analogy is so true for a lot of Scots. Either way long may it continue as they are digging a hole for themselves, slowly but digging one all the same.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. jimnarlene

    Tory party conference are we still talking about zombie films? Or comedy horror?

    Seriously though, they are rapidly turning into a fascist party, blinded by the faded light of empire. Severely detached from reality.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I was thinking that this morning listening to radio bias, I thought am I living in 1930’s Germany or something. The Tories are really showing their true colours now, what a really scary bunch. If we vote for independence will they invade, wouldn’t put it past the nutters like Davidson and Mundell. What a horrible place the UK has become, well more horrible by it’s own horrible standards.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    I heard most of the Call Kaye show during a long motorway drive. It was the first and last time I had listened. On he subject of Cleese, every caller I heard said that there were no racisits in England (or indeed anywhere), only in Scotland. It then turned into the last dozen callers not even mentioning Cleese but slating the SNP for being racist and very, very baaaaaaaaad. No corrections from Kaye of course. And to think we’re made to pay for this shit!

    Davidson is a disgrace (am I allowed to say that?). Today she is going to say that the SNP don’t speak for Scotland. So I suppose the Tories do???? And her “comedy jock” routine is embarrassing.

    As for Mundell, I saw him on Monday night saying he had been having constructive talks with the Scottish Government and then he comes away with his nasty little speech the next day. This is what we are reduced to, being ordered about by a wee upstart that a few bigots in Moffat and Lockerbie voted for,.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I haven’t heard it for a few weeks thankfully, it’s worse than anything Jeremy Kyle comes up with. The Kaye woman never challenges anything that is SNP bad and pretty much people fae mainly Glesgie can say what they want, but hell mend an SNP supporter getting through the vetting.

      Davidson and Mundell are just the Tories men in Scotland, they will do as they are told in what is fastly becoming fascist UK. I heard a little of radio bias this morning and just thought I was waking up in 1930’s Germany, this country has upped the horrible big time and the fact that many Scots buy into it is shameful, I hoped we were better than that. Mundell going on about mandate just makes me laugh, and he says it with a straight face, jockholme syndrome in the extreme.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Helena Brown

    I had to give up on GMS a long time ago, my blood pressure wouldn’t stand it. Like you and many others both here and on Wings this morning I am in complete distress at the way things are going in this benighted country. For one thing I have a Sister in law who is a foreigner, her English is not the best, she is a Mother of a Scottish child, and given what is happening here I dread to think if she has to leave here to attend to her family matters, she may never be able to return. I believe Davidson is to make a speech today saying that the SON do not speak f or all of Scotland. Well Ruthie baby, they speak fora lot more than you.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I voted leave but the way the Tories are turning this into a fascist nightmare is a disgrace and not a little scary. I don’t think Scotland will have a huge amount of issues but there are the nutter yoons that we saw in George Square the day after the ref rioting, SNP fault of course, and hardly covered by the right wing media in Scotland. But I do fear what the UK is becoming and some of the things I have heard coming from the Tory Conference must come under some law about insighting violence, they are the scum of the earth, a horrible hateful bunch. Hoepfully this will wake up some of the no voters to what this country actually stands for and that is 1930’s propoganda Germany style. Davidson and Mundell speak for about 18% of the population and the SNP around 50%, I know who I think has the mandate.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. bjsalba

    Just remember that
    1. Every statement/claim made by a Tory means the opposite is true.
    2. Everything a Tory accuses someone else of is what they are doing themselves.
    3. Any screaming headline by a tabloid means the opposite is true.
    4. Only stories which denigrate Scotland and the SNP will get airtime on the BBC.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Very true, seemingly Call kaye was back to it’s usual lovely self also, they can’t help themselves. I just saw a bit of Mays interview with Scotnight, usual crap from the Tories.

      Thanks for commenting.


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