Something Different: Zombie Films

I love zombie movies, I have always loved zombie movies and I like The Walking Dead and some zombie books. Books by Stephen Knight being a particular favourite. So for something different here are some of my favourite zombie movies.

Shaun of the Dead


Simon Pegg’s mickey take of the genre and it is very funny. He gets the style right and the clichés are brilliant throughout. The action good and the situations silly, everything is overplayed to brilliant effect and I must have watched this film 20 times and if it’s on I will watch it no matter where it is in the film.

Night of the Living Dead


First film in the George Romero series of dead movies and probably the best one. Not as gory as the others, and certainly not as gory as modern films, but being in black and white it is very atmospheric and really worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Resident Evil


There have been five films in the series now with a final one due out next year I think but the first one remains the best. The evil Umbrella Corporation pretty much destroys the world but for a few survivors led by Mila Jovovich kicking ass all over the place. Films two and three were not too bad also but it’s just a money-making machine now.

28 Days Later


A young guy wakes up in a London Hospital after an infection has turned people into zombies. In this film the zombies are fast which is a change from the usual slow lumbering kind. It also takes the micky a little as the virus starts when animal rights activists release a caged monkey which is carrying the virus. It’s also a Danny Boyle movie and he does make interesting films.

World War Z


I thought I would hate this when it came out, it has Brad Pitt in it so really I wasn’t hopeful. He hadn’t made a good film since seven, but I enjoyed it even though it grated in parts. It’s a typical take on the genre but the action is immense and really gets the film going. Worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Dawn of the Dead 2004


A remake of the Romero classic which takes place in a shopping mall. Anything that can go wrong does, but it is a good remake with a good mix of characters and good action overall.

Anyway that’s my wee list and something different.



  1. jimnarlene

    Comedy horror, is my favourite genre, I recommend: Grabbers, Tucker and Dale versus evil, Cocknies versus zombies.

    • Anonymous


      I saw cockneys v zombies, that was a bad good movie. I thought Braindead and Zombie Flesh Eaters were pretty disgusting in the 80’s but classics all the same. I’ll see if I can check out the other ones, thanks for that.


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