The Grim Realities

I read this article a few days ago on TruePublica and it makes for some really shocking reading in 2016. The article is about globalisation and its impact on the world. Please take some time to read the article, link above.


I was pretty annoyed to read that 25% of the world live without electricity, 80% of people in the world live on less than $10 a day and nearly half of the world living on less than $2.50 a day. 1.3 billion people live on even less than that each day and 22000 children die each day of poverty. The UN has found that as many as 45 million people are subject to some form of modern slavery.

These statistics should shame us all and especially when you consider that as inequality grows 1% of the world own half of the world’s wealth. The wealthiest people in the world live in the USA, China and the UK. Here in the UK 10% of the population own 54% of the wealth with the top 1% owning 23% of all wealth in the UK.

Former Chancellor George Osborne admitted this week that quantitive easing by the Bank of England had made the rich richer while hitting ordinary savers. Due to Osborne, the Tories, and weak Liberals who stood by and did not do enough, who said the richest lost the most , the reality is , as millions know and continue to know, the poorest lost the most.


The National Audit Office claim that 1.2 Billion Pounds is lost to deliberate benefit fraud in the UK, it’s wrong and there can be no excuse for it, no justification for it. But we also know that it is estimated there was 14 Billion Pounds in uncollected tax, 13 Billion Pounds in uncollected VAT, 4.4 Billion Pound in lost duties and 2.7 Billion Pounds in tax avoidance. However, 3250 staff at DWP work on benefit fraud while only 300 HMRC staff work on tax evasion, who is screwing who here.

The grim reality is that the poorest in the world are getting poorer and the rich richer and they call it globalisation, I call it a f******* crime against humanity.


I don’t know what the answers are to stop this but maybe we can start by educating ourselves as to what goes on in the Uk and around the world. Educate ourselves around how our politics works and who influences who, who is lying and fighting to make us all poorer and more dependent on the scraps that fall from the table. Ignorance cannot be an excuse to the plight of too many in the world and we cannot turn a blind eye to all our suffering, cannot give in to lies and fear. I blog for a lot of reasons and partly it is down to wanting to learn more, share what I learn and encourage others to share what they know, and hopefully to blog and spread their word to those who just don’t seem to know anything about all of those grim realities.

We have got to call out the yoons, the yoon media and the yoon politicians. I don’t pretend to be as brilliant as Wings Over Scotland, Munguin’s Republic, Scot Goes Pop or the Wee Ginger Dug but I do believe if we share and talk to each other we can at least get some information out there that might just allow those voting in the next Indy Referendum the opportunity to make an informed choice.


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