1AM UK Time

In 3 hours time Hilary Clinton will debate Donald Trump in the first debate of the US Presidential Elections. By the time you read this it will all be over but the nightmare for many will only have just begun.


This will be the most watched political debate ever with an estimated 100 million people tuning in to watch, it could also have a huge say in who eventually wins the race to the White House. Now I normally don’t comment or discuss other countries politics, mainly because I am very ignorant of them and also it is really not our place to do so. There is no question though that whomever becomes the President of the United States affects us all, effects all countries in the world.

80% of all financial transactions in the world are conducted in dollars, as are 87% of all foreign exchange transactions. America provides around $33 Billion Dollars per year in foreign aid around the world. The US economy makes up 20% of the global economy and the US military are by far the most advanced in the world, so this debate does in fact matter to us all and not just to Americans whom I will admit right away that I have a great deal of time for. I spent some time there years ago and learned that the American people are not the American Government, they are a hard-working and honest people who pretty much want the same as you and I do.

ABC puts Clinton on 47% and Trump on 46%, so it’s all to play for as far as the race goes. The simple reality is that neither are very good, not good for America and certainly not good for the rest of the world. Neither come across well, neither are trusted by many Americans and around the world. Both are for big business and happy to continue to pursue the narrow-minded neo-liberal agenda that we continue to suffer here in the UK and one that continues to fail us all. Neoliberalism is a 19th Century model that has no place in our time, both Clinton and Trump support the ideas of Adam Smith who advocated the end of government intervention in economics, he argued for no tariffs and free trade for all, and look where we are today.

Both Clinton and Trump support the premise that the market rules, both appear to believe in cutting public services and public protections, support deregulation and privatization, ring a bell anyone. Neoliberalism has concentrated not only the wealth but the power in the hands of the few, while eroding the power of the working classes and the trade unions, we all better get ready for more of the same, if not worse. No matter who wins, we will all be the losers. Theresa May will be happy either way as she can work with both, she will support both sides and big business will be happy as things will stay the same.

In the UK many are putting their faith in Jeremy Corbyn, however, like Bernie Sanders, he will not be allowed to win. Clinton and Trump will make it harder for social democratic policies and principles to take hold in the USA, and therefore make it harder for those same policies to take hold here as we become more and more beholden to the financial markets and large corporations who have these people in their pockets. Tonight’s debate is pretty depressing as the choice, like our own last general election, provides no choice. The result is pretty much the same or more likely much worse than we face now. I don’t envy Americans to have to choose between these two, what a sad state of affairs for America and sadly for the world.

The winners, as I already said,  will be those who will see an ever greater concentration of power into the hands of the few. Ring a bell anyone.



    • grumpyscottishman


      I’m not really up on their college system of votes but neither appeal to me at all, both are just a part of the problem. I know a few Americans from my time there and the feeling they are getting is that Trump might just pull it off with apathy, dislike of Clinton and kicking the establishment. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous

      I think Clinton will because she is beholden to the elite and I think Turmp will because he is part of the elite, no one wins in this election, least of all Americans.

      Thanks for commenting.


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