Unlucky, incompetent or both! I give you Kezia Dugdale

Kezia Dugdale had a wee mishap with the voting system at Holyrood yesterday during the Council Tax debate where she failed to support a Conservative amendment which would have defeated the Government.


Kezia is adamant that she pressed a button, now it’s not hard to press a button, even Willie Rennie was able to press the button, so Scottish Labour are now demanding an investigation into this shocking debacle.

Parliamentary authorities are saying that they have checked the system and it is working fine. When I heard this story last night I just thought it really could have only happened to Kezia Dugdale. I would also think that most of the time it would just be unlucky, but it’s Kezia Dugdale.

My theory is that she didn’t press the button, she was thinking about her shopping, her weekend in Liverpool, her hair dresser appointment or whatever, but she was certainly not thinking about the issue or the vote. A vote that is really not about Council Tax but about defeating the SNP and she missed her chance lol.

Kezia has a history of gaffes, from twitter trolling complaints to supporting independence to not supporting independence. She said Labour would not finish 3rd in last Mays elections, to the manifesto coming out the day before the vote, to comparing the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum to the YES Campaign during the Indy Referendum, comparing YES voters to the more extreme leavers.

Kezia Dugdale cheers me up and makes me laugh, Kezia Dugdale is the gift that keeps giving and long may that continue.



    • Anonymous

      That is so cool, she is brilliant and a gift to the SNP and YES, they have to keep her.

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know.


  1. Gary F

    Sadly it would appear incompetence is a pre-requisite within politics in general.

    The government should have been defeated on this issue. The rights and wrongs of whether they should have been are not really relevant. I can’t really bring myself to celebrate the fact that democracy isn’t served because we elect half wits to represent us.

    • Anonymous


      The Government will lose the vote on this issue unless they come back with something the Greens can support but it does highlight the need for better politicians at Holyrood as you are saying. The issue is important but early in the process so not too stressed out about it, would not be too happy if it had been the final vote because, as you say, democracy would not have been served and we have enough of that at Westminster and FPTP.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. lanark

    My theory is that she is simply effing incompetent but as you say, long may she stay. She could be the one who finally destroys the dreadful, hate-ridden mess that is British Labour in Scotland.

    • Anonymous


      I just laughed when I heard, it cod only happen to Kevin Dugdale. Gary makes a fair point about democracy not being served and I agree with him on that but she can’t survive much longer I wouldn’t think and with a bit of luck Anus will go for the job and take them to a new low.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. finnmacollie

    Just imagine if that had been someone from SNP. The BBC would be showing the video ad nauseum complete with zoom-in close-ups and slow motion replays just to prove they were playing with their mobile phone and lying about voting. There would probably have been a special edition of Call Kaye on the subject.

    • Anonymous


      Good point, it would have it’s own Christmas Special if it had been the SNP. It was funny and it could only happen to Kezia, not a good week for her and it gets worse tomorrow when Corbyn wins again with an even bigger mandate and she is well and truly out in the cold.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. tris

    Yes, I read too that she was on her phone and missed the vote.

    The government has said that it will bring forward some amendments, I believe and that is as it should be. Technically, whether by bad luck, faulty equipment, or Kez playing Pokemon Go, they lost the vote.

    They should look at it again. They are a minority government and must expect to be beaten unless they bring at least one party onside with them. That’s what good government is.

    But Bruce, are you sure about Willie Rennie? It does seem a bit about his pay grade…

    • Anonymous


      Given it was 63 63 I will assume that Willie managed to vote with a little help but I do think that the SNP will find someone to support any changes, I don’t have any issue with that but it is ironic that the Tories appear to want to increase taxes on all and Labour are doing what the Tories tell them to, the Liberals don’t matter and the Greens need to be careful or they might find their goodwill going out the window with YES voters.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      Straight to the point, wonder how she feels tonight that Corbyn has won. Saying that he is no friend of Scotland and is against independence, things get more interesting by the day.

      Thanks for commenting.


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