Silly Conference Season – I give you Willie Rennie


Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, at the Liberal Democrat Conference at the weekend said he agrees with Tim Farron that there must be another EU Referendum on any deal agreed with the EU on the back of Brexit, but no future referendum on Scottish Independence. Willie feels that he is right to demand that the British people should have their say on the final deal in a referendum, just not the Scottish one, he should have been making this argument about the Smith Commission.


Willie also throws in an SNP bad here and there when he says “While our Leader Tim Farron was making the case for cleaning up after the chaos of the Brexit vote our First Minister was on a mission to make it a whole lot worse”. “Nicola Sturgeon’s response to breaking up Europe is to break up Britain too”.

Willie gives his reasons as he wants to see Scotland in the UK and Scotland in the EU, “in a No Borders approach we will oppose independence and we will support strong relationships with Europe”, so basically our constitutional future can only be what bouncy castle Willie wants and he calls himself a Liberal. The problem is Willie can’t have both can he. He has no power to demand anything, he threw himself behind the coalition that pretty much killed off the Liberal Democrats in the process and driving millions into poverty and zero hour contracts, no Willie doesn’t get to decide. Willie gets one vote the same as everyone else.

But basically referendums are good if Willie likes the kind they are .Willie also talks about the Scottish Liberal Democrats gaining seats at Holyrood from the five they had before the election to, well five, I think I might be missing something as five is the same as five, its not six or eight, but five.

As usual Willie wants to see investment in the Police, in Nursery provision, in Education and in Mental Health, all of which will be paid for by his penny on income tax that was rejected by the voters in May. Willie calls this progressive, optimistic and outward looking. More like navel gazing. If Willie really wants investment in public services Willie needs to fight the Tory cuts that’s just keep coming and support the SNP to build the economy.

Willie finishes by having a wee go at the Tories, well he has to it’s Scotland and he wants you to believe that he isn’t really a Tory, he didn’t really stand and campaign beside the other Red and Blue Tories in Better Together, that he didn’t support the pish that was the Smith Commission and the shit that became the Scotland Act, no bouncy castle doesn’t want you to remember these things.

I have a wee message for Willie. Go do one. The voters will decide what happens in the future for Scotland, 45% of people voted for independence in 2014, current polls say 48% would vote for independence in another referendum. Willie, Scotland is on a journey that has only just started, you are not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem. The day that you stood beside Tories to talk Scotland down and scare older people with your Project Fear you lost the argument. You are a fake Liberal, and failed politician, and if you had any sense you would go now before you finally kill off the Liberal Democrats in Scotland in totality, Liberalism is a good thing and an important argument, it’s just a pity there is no Liberal Party in this country.




  1. lanark

    I have listened to Rennie and Farron’s statements and I don’t know if they genuinely believe the crap they spout or they are very good liars (Carmichael take note).

    I heard Farron on the Biased Broadcasting Corp say that his party wss the only proper opposition to the Tories (??????????) and that he was prepared to work with other parties. By other parties he named Labour and the Greens, who of course only have one MP. Perhaps he forgot other opposition groups in Westminster and of course would be open to deals with the Democratic Unionists and even Plaid Cymru.

    How very Liberal, how very Democratic.

    • Anonymous


      I heard both and both were delusional. They seem to live in a different world than I do or maybe they just get told what they want to hear. The Liberals are winning some council seats in England and may stage a mini recovery in some shape or form but they are finished up here in Scotland. They will keep their rump seats and that will be about it for them I suspect. I don’t even think they are that Liberal, everything they appear to say is a contridiction but I suppose most of the politicians are like that in many ways. It is certainly uncertain but interesting times, I wouldn’t be surprised if a snap election is called early next year if things continue to go the way they are going. The Tories need to sort out their mandate before Labour get remotely organised again or any future Government will be another colaition between the likes of Tories, Liberals , Irish Parties etc. The SNP need to be shouting louder and more often, I would go as far as disrupting the old boys club as we have little more to lose in the Westminster context, things will get worse either way.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


  2. East Neuker

    I, depressingly, have Willie Rennie as my constituency MSP, and it was clear that he was courting the Tory vote during the Holyrood election, which is still a substantial minority in the area. When added to the residual habitual Lib Dem vote built up during Campbell’s tenure as Westminster member, and the knee jerk anti SNP unionists of all flavours it was enough.
    It’s surreal to see the Pittenweem Loyal Rangers Supporters voting with the East Neuk Posh Ladies Horse and Tea Set and the Anster Zombie Liberal Movement. (Of course, none of these organisations actually exist, but things very close to them do…….)
    I met him a number of times during the election and was not at all impressed. He seems to me to be an egregious fraud.
    The nub of the problem, though, is not him, but this – to my chagrin, these same people in this area voted no to independence, and I suspect most still would. They voted for Rennie to oust the sitting SNP MP. Many, not all, are unmoved by the idea of leaving the EU, although it may have upset the Zombies a bit. I know you want to leave too, and I’m not going to reopen that discussion despite our opposing views, but if the next referendum is positioned as being about an independent Scotland in the EU, what line will you take? It’s an important question given that around 11% apparently agree with you about an independent Scotland outside the EU.
    It feels like many around here would rather have permanent Tory Westminster rule than independence. As I agree with the a Nye Bevan view of Tories this is profoundly depressing.
    I’m not a member of any party, but I believe in Scottish independence. I will keep arguing and working for this, but around here it still feels like there is a long way to go.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker

      If the next referendum is independence and EU I will vote yes yes to be honest. We have no say in the UK ,and the majority clearly want to be in the EU where at least we would have a voice, so it will be YES YES for me on that one even though I would still like to see EU reform I want an independent Scotland more. I left the Liberal Democrats because of all women shorts list and Rennie overuling a conference vote he didn’t like, neither of these things were Liberal messages to send. He is anything to anybody with SNP bad thrown in. I will campaign for independence and membership of the EU but agree with you Rennie will target the yoons who for the life of me just don’t seem to care about either Scotland or democracy, I really think people like Rennie have Jockholme Syndrome I really do, and you are spot on would rather have Tory rule forever than an independent Scotland, that is truly scary.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. tris

    It really amazes me that all these people talk about second referendums when the result was one they didn;t like, and see no irony in dismissing as ridiculous a second referendum on a subject where the DID like the result.

    They talk too about the settled will of Scotland (not that, with a moving population, and changing political realities you can actually have a ‘settled’ will), but fail to see the 63% of the voting population of Scotland voted for the EU, and a majority of the Scottish parliament is pro-independence.

    Rennie is a bit of a muppet, but you’d have though his boss might have worked that out.

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