A Good Deal – I Doubt it.

So Theresa May, unelected PM of the United Kingdom, believes that the UK will get a good trade deal from the EU and a curb on migration, yeah right.


According to May the EU will sign up to a good deal because they believe in free trade, was she sniffing something on the way to the UN Conference in New York. Many Europeans have indicated that they do not want their countries to give the UK a favorable deal, voters in France, Germany, Spain and Italy expect that the UK will get an unfavorable deal.

The simple reality is that the EU will not budge on the free movement of people and neither will the UK so I just don’t see either giving ground. Giving ground is not in either’s interest for different reasons, mainly political. The general feeling appears to be that preserving the needs of the 27 members states will be the EU’s priority and who can blame them.

I suspect that the UK will be so desperate for any deal that we will probably end up with something that is pretty poor but couched as an amazing deal by the right-wing press such as the Express above. We should be concerned and ashamed that there is no plan for brexit. The SNP were always being asked for plan b when they had delivered the blue print for independence in the White Paper, the same has to apply now to the UK Government.

I voted no in the EU Referendum for political reasons and I don’t regret that. The EU has to change if it is to survive in my opinion, but unless brexit forces a re-think on the EU we should be expecting the worst as far as any trade deal goes. Time will tell but I do believe that the current PM and the current government are not capable of representing the UK at any level and will not get a good deal.

Some are suggesting another referendum and that would not surprise me. Many others suggest that Scotland will vote YES in another referendum within two years but I just don’t believe that YES would win, the fear is still too strong.

Interesting times.



    • Anonymous


      Totally, the Express is full of it but the amount of older, possibly no voters, who buy this crap is unreal. I saw a few at the weekend putting in trolleys at Tesco when I was looking for a National that is conviently hidden away most of the time, by staff I suspect who are no too sympathetic to the cause. I don’t think May will get a good deal at all but it will be put across as amazing by the yoon press and the yoons in general. Did you see the Murdo ‘Rangers love the Queen’ Fraser asking what the SNP’s plan is for Brexit, you just couldn’t make it up. I’ll check out the link thanks, my next blog is going to be about Willie Rennie’s speech at the weekend, oh my God the man is delusional.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. lanark

    On a recent visit to Lockerbie, I went into the Tesco store there. Behind me in the queue were a couple buying both an Express and a Daily Mail and after them was an older gent with a Daily Mail prominently displayed over his shopping. I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to get out of that shop quickly! Can we overcome these people and win a Yes vote? I’m not sure it can be done in the next two years.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I am not so sure we can win in two years time. I don’t doubt it would be even closer but it wouldn’t be enough. There are just too many who support the union, are not interested or are still afraid. Five or ten years yes , right now we just have to keep plugging away in hope as you never know. I see a lot of older people buying those rags all the time at the supermarket and it’s depressing and shows the prejudice some people have as you wouldn’t buy those papers if you weren’t. All very sad.

      Thanks for commenting.


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