Something Different: The Disaster Movie

Being a cynical old fart I have always loved disaster movies. From bad special effects to fantastic special effects I have always enjoyed them so here are my top 5 in no particular order.

The Towering Inferno (1974).

Huge Office block built on the cheap goes up in flames because of dodgy wiring and traps people in the top floor. Has Steve McQueen and Paul Newman as joint leads, possibly two of the coolest dudes to have ever lived. The film also had Fred Astaire, William Holden, and Robert Wagner. Classic and good special effects for the time. A Christmas Fav, I know, told you I’m a miserable git.


The Day After Tomorrow (2004).

Dennis Quade sets out to save his son as climate change freezes North America. Add in some romance, rabid wolves, great special effects and lot’s of lot’s of clichés. Class in every way.


The Swarm (1978).

So bad it is fantastic. Michael Caine and Richard Widmark fight to save America from deadly African Killer bees. Helped by Henry Fonda as the scientist this is a really bad brilliant movie with the most stupid soldiers known to have ever existed in a movie lol.


The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

Not the kind of adventure any of us would want to go on. Gene Hackman, Shelly Winters, Ernest Borgnine fight to escape their upturned huge Ocean Liner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Did anyone ever try to hold their breath for the same length of time as the underwater swim scene in the movie, I could never do it but it’s a classic and another one I quite like at the Christmas Holidays, the re-make was shit.


Flood (2007)

The British made film sees London get flooded after a tidal surge breaks through the Thames Barrier. Robert Carlyle and Joanne Whalley fight to save the day and rescue people. Not very good special effects and rubbish story line but of course some fantastic English fighting spirit to save the day as only the English do it better according to the film.


Now I have only stuck to what I would consider pretty much natural disaster films but you could add in Zombies, invasion films etc but Zombies will be covered at a later date as I love Zombie movies too.




  1. Brian

    you are clearly a man of taste…I go along with all but ‘Flood’. I wonder why, over the years, no remake of ‘Towering Inferno’? Perhaps understandable since 9/11, but before that? Also, would ‘Cloverfield’ qualify? Or are we into monster/Godzilla territory with that one? Maybe ‘On The Beach’? Now there was a great disaster movie that didn’t show the disaster!

    • grumpyscottishman


      Never really got into Cloverfield and have tended to like the classics. I think it is a monster one. I thought I might do a Zombie one soon as I love Zombie movies and books, being a miserable git really helps. Flood was interesting as it was an attempt to make one in the UK with a decent budget but then falls down with the whole England thing that you still get in American movies, England is after all Britain as far as many Americans are concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.


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