The Daily Express is The new Sun

What is it with the Daily Express? Is there a paper anywhere with more hate than this hate fest which hits the newspaper racks every morning?

It used to be The Sun that posted the daily hate and ignorant, now it’s the Express, and especially regarding refugees or migrants as the BBC like to call them. The Express just love to stoke things up with a sensational headline. Click on image to enlarge.


To say the Daily Express doesn’t like the EU, Migrants, Labour and Scotland is being nice. Headlines have included BATTLE TO KEEP OUT EU MIGRANTS (5th Mar 2013), EURO COURT DROPS BRITAIN IN IT AGAIN – ASYLUM SEEKERS CAN STAY (22nd Dec 2011), GO TO BRITAIN FOR BENEFITS SAYS EU (14th May 2012), STURGEON’S EUROPE DREAM IN TATTERS: Scotland ‘WILL’ have to leave EU with rest of UK and 80% of Daily Express articles about Jeremy Corbyn used ridicule and scorn to delegitimize him (Another Angry Voice).

Wings Over Scotland recently got suspended from Twitter (now lifted) due to an Express journalist, I use the term very lightly, getting upset at being proven to be wrong and making a complaint and accusing people of hate against her. Kettle and Black comes to mind, but what is it with this paper, are they taking the piss or something.

The Daily Express is owned by Richard Desmond, supports the Conservative Party and formally owned a few porno magazines and tv channels, why am I not surprised lol. Now I must admit I do look forward to the Christmas Weather Headline, always wrong, always scary and always bollocks.


However, the headlines that this paper prints are a concern. They look and feel like they are there to stoke up anger against minorities, Scotland or individuals and that will be all the excuse some people need to take out their failings and their anger on others and no paper should ever be doing that.

If you buy the Daily Express then stop it, they are The Sun of old in the present day and do not deserve your time or your money. It appears to be just a hate filled rag.



  1. tris

    Dirty Des, as Private Eye nicknamed him much to his chagrin, made a large payment to UKIP. Speculation is that he would like to go to the Lords. Titles apparently are the sort of thing that he likes, and with his money he can clearly afford them.

    The Express seems to have given up any pretence of reporting news and resorted to the kind of cat litter material of the likes of McvFadyen. It makes the Daily Mail look almost sentient.

    • Anonymous


      It’s a shocking paper if you can call it that. I don’t know a lot about Desmond but someone who makes their money from porn says it all really. Guaranteed a place in the Lords, he has probably given money to all the parties on the right to get his gong .

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    I believe the folks in Hillsborough treated the Sun appropriately. Would that Scotland could follow their fine example with the Express.

    • Anonymous


      Yeah you would hope so but no doubt it’s the Yoon go to for nasty news and a bit of racism in the morning. I have never bought it and don’t intend to but I see old folk buying it just think there goes a no voter. Sad really.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Helena Brown

    I am auld enough to remember when the Scottish Daily Express was blacked because it closed it’s printing works and moved it down South. I have never bought it or indeed considered reading it since. I do not read any, other than the National and that because the other half has a subscription. Seems all they are good for is lying and producing M15 or is it 6, hangouts.
    Is said Desmond not the proprietor of Channel 5, the channel known for demonizing the poor, and is he not known for his production.of Adult only films, Tec.

    • Anonymous


      I have started getting the odd National again as it’s important we have at least one paper at the next referendum to combat the Yoon toilet paper like the Express. It’s only older folk I see buying and that’s sad, it demeans us all that rag. Hopefully people will see the light.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. bringiton

    The purpose of fascists in demonising minorities is to eradicate dissent and ensure that only one message is heard (theirs).
    Unfortunately for England’s right wing press,the internet and social media ensure that a multiplicity of views are now being expressed and in the main listened to.
    The printed media will soon be a thing of the past and given the recent outbreak of Britnat comments on independence web sites,it seems that even the Tories are catching on.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Do you think we can reach enough people via social media. I agree that papers are coming to an end but they also have an online presence which attracts people. But the boons are being found out so we have to keep at it. I find that rather than argue the facts they get really annoyed at ridicule, I tend to go down that road with the bat shit ones now.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. lanark

    If a visitor from another country were to ask me why I wanted Scotland to leave the UK, I would show them the Express. As Wee Ginger Dug said – it would make good toilet paper but for the fact that it’s covered in shite already.

    • Anonymous


      I totally agree, it really is toilet paper if you want to brave catching something from it. Disgusting rag, I was a the supermarket today picking up a national and saw 3 older people buying it, felt like shouting at them.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Anonymous


    I don’t know why your comment hasn’t shown up on the blog but does on my phone, but your correct they are fascists but I am not so sure the yoon press will disappear soon, they will hang on via apps and the older folk who buy this shit everyday. But the message is getting out, I just wonder if it’s all too slowly.

    Thanks for commenting.


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