The Palace of Westminster

The Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster concludes that the Palace of Westminster ‘faces an impending crisis which we cannot responsibly ignore’. There is a substantial and growing risk of either a single, catastrophic event, such as a major fire, or a succession of incremental failures in essential systems which would lead to Parliament no longer being able to occupy the Palace.

It seems that the Palace, where elitism and greed reign, where tradition and pomp keep it distant from most people, where men and women are forced to wear really silly uniforms to serve the Princes and Princesses of the elected classes is falling down. So it is going to have to be fixed, fixed at an eye watering cost of between £4 BILLION and £6 BILLION pounds which will no doubt be more like £10 BILLION pounds.


A decision is going to have to be made soon regarding what is to be done about the people’s Parliament. Some like Labour’s Frank Field said relocating Parliament to the North of England would “change the face of Britain as we know it”. Labour MP, Graham Stringer went further, saying MPs should move permanently to another part of the country to make Britain a less centralised country.

SNP MP Neil Gray said it was a “heavy ask” of taxpayers to cover the “eye-watering” renovation costs. Mr Gray said it was a “golden opportunity” to change the way Parliament works, including moving it around the country, but this had been “squandered”.

However Conservative MP Sir Alan Duncan said that was a “ridiculous and impractical idea”. Who do you think is going to win the argument? I think I know, our elected Prince and Princesses are going to be staying in the country of London, you can bet on that. Fixing Westminster certainly puts the cost of Holyrood into perspective and I didn’t agree with building that Parliament.

While I have no doubt that Westminster will be renovated no matter the cost, that they will add to that cost by having a sham of a report on the alternatives to renovation, but it will go ahead. I believe that in these times of cuts, uncertainty and the worst bunch of politicians known to man, we cannot and should not be doing it.

Think what it would mean if parliament moved to Liverpool or Newcastle, think how much regeneration would take place, how much it would make the UK less centralised and beholden to London. 

It won’t happen, the Princes and Princesses will keep their palace, their pomp, and their silly uniforms that make them feel good and of course their FREE tax payer funded bars. There is US and there is THEM, I cannot wait until we leave THEM behind and have our own independent Scottish Parliament of elected representatives and not the elected Prince and Princesses of the Palace of Westminster of which we have too many.



  1. lanark

    The UK establishment will never change, that’s one of the many reasons I want out. I read somewhere that it would be cheaper to set up an independent Scotland.

  2. Anonymous


    I heard that too. I know they will rebuild it and nothing any of us say will make any difference. We live in a morally bankrupt country that has no shame. They don’t care and it will get worse , we are entering a new Victoria age.

    Thanks for commenting.


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