Scum, Old Firm and Scottish Football

I am writing this post tonight as I am disgusted by what I saw on social media, thankfully not shown on TV, yesterday when Celtic played Rangers in the Scottish Professional Football league. The images below were taken at the match.


Tragically Kilmarnock and former Rangers and Scotland striker Kris Boyd lost his brother to suicide this week. A young man and father to be taking his own life is a tragedy, a tragedy for his family and his unborn child. Mental Health care is poor at best in Scotland, services may be improving, but right now there remains little support for young men going through mental health issues in Scotland and the suicide rate remains high.

Whomever thought this was funny, appropriate or what fans do has to be found and challenged, possibly their club, in this case Celtic Football Club, might want to ban them from attending any matches in future. They not only stained their club yesterday but they stained every club, every honest football fan in Scotland if not the UK by their actions. There is no hiding place for this and they should be ashamed, they are the lowest of the low and I really hope they are identified by the club and authorities as soon as possible. How they managed to do that without challenge is certainly an issue the club, Police Scotland and the SFA have to address.

It’s bad enough that this game is now back on the calender, the most hate filled and violent game in Scottish Football that I for one would be glad to see the back of if any country would like to let Celtic and Rangers join their league. However, that is unlikely to happen, who wants to import more hate into their football. In light of that the so called administrators of our game have to act for once, the SFA must come out very strongly and hammer Celtic Football Club for the actions of their supporters. It’s long before time that the Scottish Football Association and many of the so called journalists covering Scottish Football stopped pandering to these clubs, it’s time to act with tough sanctions. Playing behind closed doors would be one sanction I would like to see but given the SFA will of course do nothing maybe it’s time that other fans just did not attend any games at Ibrox or Celtic Park, it’s time this vile behavior at the derby filled with hate is stopped. It’s no wonder that many just don’t attend Scottish Football anymore. SFA either stand up or get out for people who will.

UPDATE There is a debate going on that the images have been photoshopped,  if they have then it is still sick and we still need to get to the bottom of it either way. Be interesting to see what comes of it all. 



  1. Anonymous

    Spot on with this one and its high time serious action was taken to bring these “fans” to account. If this means sanctioning the clubs then that is the way it might have to applied to root out this evil in our game once and for all.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I didn’t watch the game as I refuse to watch that game on tv but when I saw the images my heart just sank. These scumbags, whoever was responsible, were making light of a tragedy, football has witnessed a lot of disgusting things over the years but yesterday Celtic fans took it to a new low. They should be hammered and if not then ordinary fans need to just make their feelings known. My heart goes out to kris Boyd and his family, I am so sorry for what they are going through, they did not deserve that.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. tris

    Hear Hear.

    I’m not an avid football fan, but if I’d to choose between Rangers and Celtic, I’d be a Celtic man. And that has nothing to do with religion, as I don’t have any.

    But this is sick beyond belief.

    Why police at the match didn’t do something about it is amazing.

    Mental health provision is poor in Scotland and much worse in England, where a friend of mine with issues just can;t get any treatment. There is none.

    It is kinda difficult to see why we spend hundreds of billions of pounds on a weapon we’ll never us and which serves no real purpose, in order to make us look like we still matter, and give people like Theresa an opportunity to be seen from time to time with someone who DOES matter,. But when you take into consideration how much we need this money for health, it makes it even more incomprehensible.

    What, I might ask, happened to the £350 million a week we were going to be spending on health when we no longer paid it to the EU?

    More bombs; more money for the Windsors; an old falling down building in London being propped up; high speed trains for England?

    Sod all that will do us any good.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I totally agree, I would imagine that Celtic Football Club will be livid when they find out about this and any decent football fan will be too. My post on the Palace of Westminster is ready to go but I decided to bump it back to post this one. I’ll post it tomorrow or Tuesday but I totally agree with you on where we need to be spending money, it won’t happen, not in this disgusting country.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. East Neuker

    The return of the regular old firm league fixtures fills me with foreboding. Although I live in Fife I have family, including my eldest son, his wife and grandchildren, in Glasgow.
    We all agree that the day of these fixtures brings a chilling, scary atmosphere to parts of Glasgow, and disgusting acts like those you describe above seem to be validated in sick minds by the tribal loyalties involved on both sides.
    It is a curse on Scotland.
    No one in authority seems to have the will to tackle this, possibly for fear that it might make things worse.
    If, as I deeply hope, Scotland is to become a successful independent nation, then tackled it must be.
    You are right to highlight this,
    East Neuker

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker

      I must admit the last 4 season with Rangers out the league has probably been some of the best for football fans not associated with those clubs. While it might be fun for tv, journalists and ex players of those clubs the game is pretty much an embarassment to Scottish Football in my opinion. Whoever did that on saturday brought shame on us all and it went all over the world. The SFA are cowards and will do nothing to punish the clubs, they will sit on their hands and hope it goes away as they always do. They are so afraid of the so called big two leaving Scottish Football but fail to understand that these clubs turn off fans all over Scotland and most fans of other clubs would love to see the back of them. Once independent then I would hope if this rubbish is still going on that the powers that be hammer those clubs, refuse to let them play in front of fans until they sort it out no matter what happens.

      Thanks for commenting.


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