The Kaye Adams Programme, there is definitely still a long way to go.


I heard some of the show this morning where most of the talk was about another independence referendum, with some thrown in EU concerns. Kaye Adams was her usual self, leading questions, and the usual subtle anti SNP slant to her tone and attitude to callers, she probably calls it journalism and playing devil’s advocate. She has allegedly admitted in the past to being a Labour Supporter so enough said but I have heard worse on her show in the past.

The really scary thing though is that after the last referendum there are still so many people still suffering from Jockholme Syndrome. Alan Bissett was forced to apologise during the indy ref for using the term,and the poster below, but he shouldn’t have, it does apply to some people, sad but true.


So many still believe we are too wee too poor and too stupid to stand on our own two feet. I find it so sad that so many people have so little confidence in their country and ultimately themselves.

300 years of union has created dependency in so many people in Scotland that there is a long way to go to convince the 10% that we need to about Scottish independence. One guy (Irish by the sounds from Glasgow) spoke about losing your ship building, losing your Trident. One woman caller noted that we would have to take the Euro. One said that the Scottish people had decisively said no and that is that, no means no.

Some callers tried to educate, some tried to get the other side of the story out there but some people you can’t convince. Some have just had enough of it all and some talked about all the cuts and the impact on their communities while saying they don’t want another referendum. One caller wished that the SNP would stop going on about independence.


Independence is a journey; from listening to the show this morning it’s going to be a long and arduous one. Some of our fellow Scots will never change their minds, the sad reality though is that some are just unwilling to hear the facts and accept a different narrative, some sadly have believed everything they have been indoctrinated into believing about themselves and about their country. Radio Scotland do nothing to aid the debate, it would appear that like many of the callers, they are happy for Scotland to have another 20 years of Tory Government that most of us did not vote for.

Some days, especially today when I have a cold, I just feel sad for my country.




  1. Helena Brown

    Bruce, I trust the old is on the mend? I am restricting my reading and listening and I gave up with radio bbc Scotland a long time ago. I get a commentary from the other half, it feels the only way to survive this phoney war.

  2. Anonymous


    It was on in the office this morning. I usually avoid Kaye Adams like the plague to be honest, she is awful. Many of the callers just depressed me, if they just said they were British fine but to be so ignorant and beaten down was even sadder. Too many are so beaten into believing everything they are fed that it’s depressing. 300 odd years of being told you’re too wee too poor and too stupid has taken its toll. Just made me sad that so many live like that, fear and ignorance, a truly British education. Cold on day 2 so hopefully this will be as bad as it gets.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. finnmacollie

    Like Helena, I no longer listen to BBC Scotland. Call Kaye in particular seems to be just a forum for SNPBadders. A veritable YoonFest. I agree with you that the majority of callers seem to be so ignorant of their own country and never seem to be corrected, no matter how outlandish their claims. It depresses me that there are people who would rather their country was ruled by another, indeed would probably prefer it if Scotland ceased to exist and just became a region of greater England.

    However, when I think back to the times I did listen in I remember a lot of the callers were on time and time again and seemed overly familiar with Kaye with an E. I also heard anecdotal evidence of pro independence callers who never made it past the programmes screening process. Then I thought of the Ghost Army from WW2 who specialised in rubber tanks and fake radio broadcasts to mislead the enemy. Could be that there are not as many as you might think and it is all part of the propaganda which has been ongoing since before Indyref1 and was ramped up following the SNP landslide at the General Election. The establishment, including the BBC and MSM, have not yet come to terms with the change in Scotland.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It was the first time I had heard the show in a long time and it was so bad it was depressing. Her tone is very patronizing and some of the callers were just unreal. It is such a bad reflection of our media, it really is a poor mans Jeremy Kyle and he is about as bad as it gets with that kind of muck.

      How many other countries in the world would put up with a state broacaster like BBC Scotland. I watch Fox News for a laugh sometimes but at least it’s commercial, the BBC is a forced tax on all of us and I resent that as well. But Kaye Adams just encourages a yoon fest of the lowest form, she encourges ignorance and like too many in this country is all to happy to encourage it. It really is depressing and I hope I don’t hear it again for a long time.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Brian

    Nice piece Bruce. I think you captured the negative emotions and the passions many feel (I know I do) when listening to the Kaye Adams show on Radio Scotland. Generally I avoid it, but sometimes I listen for a while. Sometimes it’s good to know what your “enemy” is saying. The whole idea of BBC’s “inform and educate” is a total sham, but they hide behind it with impunity and continue to subtly push the “too wee,too poor, too stupid” mindset in Scotland.
    Unfortunately, for all their qualities and ambitions, this SNP govt fears the media. Independence is unlikely without a radical change on that subject.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thanks. I was saying just yesterday to a friend that I thought the SNP had been too tame, certainly at Westminster. We won’t beat the system or the msm so it’s time to say F*** it and just go for it. The clapping thing with the SNP when that clown Bercow told them off ,but it was ok when it was Hilary Benn screaming for war, annoyed me and I think just bloody well do it and if they are thrown out of parliament then that sends it’s own clear message to Scottisah voters about how our elected MPs are regarded. Party discipline is important at times, I understand that, but for me the SNP have accepted the pomp all too easily. Time to ramp it up, playing their game by their rules means we are tolerated, shaking up their rules and playing our own game changes the whole thing. The SNP will get a negative press either way and we won’t convince many yoons so why not just go for it. I’m tired of being nice all the time when we are being shat on from a great height every day.

      The Adams show is just a disgrace, it depressed me that so many are so blind and ignorant. It was not a good morning, at work with a cold and hearing that crap for two hours in the office. It just peed me off no end.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Brian

        Couldn’t agree more. Can I suggest you use your Blog to encourage Independence supporters to email/write to/lobby their SNP MP to do exactly what you have described. If they (SNP MPs) did that, can you imagine the screams of outrage in the Mail/Express/Record (and probably the Times/Telegraph/Guardian) and indeed, the BBC.
        Would that turn off voters who are swithering over a switch from NO to YES? Would unionists voters just become more entrenched? Is that a risk worth taking? I think so…nothing else seems to be working.
        Get well soon:-)

        • grumpyscottishman


          I should do that to be honest, I very rarely write to any politician. Mainly due to getting the standard reply too often or the politically correct response which does my head in ,but if we did all put more pressure on the elected reps it might annoy them enough to think about things. The decision on Westminster should be made soon and I bet it will be to rebuild it at a cost of billions while keeping the MPs and Lords in London when it would be so much cheaper to build a new modern parliament somewhere in the north, but not Scotland as hopefully we will be well gone by then. I will certainly be writing to them and blogging about that.

          Still feeling like crap but day 3 is usally the worst for us men with what my wife calls a cold but what we know is a devastating short lived serious viral infection.

          Thanks for commenting.


  5. Helena Brown

    Just watched First Minister Question’ s and pleasantly surprised watching Nicola and Patrick Harvie give out Leader of the Opposition much more than a slap on the wrist for her comments on Christian Allard, Nicola takes few prisoners and does not suffer from Alex’s verbosity.

  6. lanark

    I haven’t listened to Kaye/BBC radio for a long time, it is way too depressing. She has the same effect on me as Ruth Davidson – I can’t abide either of them.

    Wanting independence isn’t an idea that we are better than anyone else (unlike British nationalism), it is the idea that we are just as good as anyone else. If Norway, Ireland, Iceland and Denmark etc can do it why can’t we?
    I wait for the day the BBC/Unionists can explain in detail.

    • Anonymous


      It was a first for me for a long time and just as depressing as always, it really is a shocking programme. I agree with you about why many want independence and it’s all about politics, however the msm and the Davidson/Dugdales of the world will always paint at as anti English as they have no decency or honour and it suits them to stoke up hatred, they are good at that.

      Thanks for commenting.


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