No matter what – Ruth Davidson is still a Tory

Ruth Davidson is still a Tory despite a Yougov poll finding that Tory Davidson is more popular than Nicola Sturgeon by 1%. The question was based around whether someone was doing good or badly at their job so I am not so sure how accurate it really is compared to a proper popularity poll but it is what it is.

Scottish leaders

Now we all know the media love Ruth Davidson. We suspect that some Labour and Liberal voters in Scotland love Ruth Davidson because they tactically voted for her in the Holyrood elections in May to defend their union, but she is still a Tory.

Davidson 2

But let’s never forget this is the same Ruth ‘ Tory ‘ Davidson who wants to bring back prescription charges, a tax on the sick. Ruth Davidson who wants to bring in tuition fees, a tax on learning. Ruth Davidson who supports the renewal of Trident, the multibillion pound vanity project, a tax on us all.

This is Ruth Davidson who supported Osborne and Cameron’s cuts to social security, by basically never ever talking about them, but openly supported the budget with tax relief for high earners. Ruth Davidson might have gotten away with her stupid photo’s during the election to avoid any scrutiny of her manifesto by a media that shows no sign of wanting to hold her to account in Scotland anyway because she is the Union for them.

But for anyone falling for her crap, her stupid goofy photos on buffalo’s, drinking a pint, sitting on a tank like Maggie, eating a lolly and campaigning as Ruth Davidson for a strong opposition don’t forget, Ruth Davidson is still a F****** TORY.



  1. bringiton

    Yes and let’s not forget,the branch manager of a party who has brought the greatest ever economic uncertainty to the UK in peacetime.
    The Putinesque antics during the last election were pathetic and only exposed her total lack of policies for improving life in Scotland (probably trying to obscure the reality of the exact opposite).
    Now that No voters who supported her anti independence ticket can see what the UK state is really about,she won’t be able to play that card again outside the hard core Tory Britnats who are a small minority in Scotland.
    Her political future is on a very shoogly peg,perhaps not quite as shoogly as the Dug but not far off.

    • Anonymous


      She is a joke, there is just nothing there that I can see, but the Liberals and Labour members who voted for her are the ones you will never convince about independence anyway. I would never vote tory, they have destroyed not only Scotland but the whole of the UK. They are only interested in their friends and themselves and the killer is, they make no secret of it and people still vote for them even though their life is pretty much guaranteed to become worse. I can’t stand her and the media who will not hold her to account, they are just as bad if not worse.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    Does that mean that people who vote Conservative are even more of a bunch of “Mindless Party Loyalists” than those who support SNP are?

    • Anonymous


      I must admit I wonder about anyone who blindly supports any party and can’t see any wrong. I vote SNP because I want independence but I am under no illusion about their faults and would like them to be more radical than they are. The Conservatives are a con, it’s all a slight of hand to steal what we have gained over the years to give back to those who feel it was stolen from them. The Tories would be happy to have the rights of the middle ages for the plebs, I know that is radical but they do not give a shit about you and I and people like Davidson are hanging on to try and get a wee crumb here and there, she is no more liked by them than you or I, she just thinks she is. Labour and Liberals are just scrambling around to try and get a wee bit of power and have no idea what they stand for or believe in.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  3. lanark

    If being a nasty, hate filled individual who stirs up what can only be described as loyalism counts as doing a good job then Ruth qualifies. As you say, behind all the SNPbad bluster there is nothing at all. She hopes to get a nice Tory safe seat somewhere in England, then she will bugger off and forget about Scotland.

    If Labour had a half decent leader and had stood for genuine federalism, the Ruth party would have made little gain. I’ll admit to being biased, but she strikes me as a truly nasty piece of work.

    • grumpyscottishman


      I can’t stand her to be honest, she is annoying and not funny. She represents a party that represents the few at the exspense of the many. The media love her as she represents what they hope to defend, privilege pure and simple. There is nothing there and so called Liberal and Labours voters who tacticially voted for the tories should be ashamed of themselves, I would never ever give them my vote.

      Thanks for commenting.


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