KeZia ‘ The Purge ‘

According to the Sunday Herald today a leading figure in Jeremy Corbyn’s London operation told the paper that Dugdale should be put “out in the wilderness”.

The-Purge-People-1Sheet-UK copy

Excuse my crappy Photoshop skills (I did do a rush job) but it would appear that the purge is on if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership contest. Kezia, who backs Owen Smith, will be under increasing pressure to go in Scotland as leader of the branch office. Former Scottish Labour chairman Bob Thomson also warned that Dugdale, who has openly backed leadership challenger Owen Smith, would be “signing her own death warrant” if she failed to accept Corbyn’s leadership if he is re-elected next month.

The rumors are that Alex Rowley, deputy leader of the Scottish branch office, might challenge Kezia after next Mays council elections if they are bad (they will be) and the excuse they will use for revenge as it appears that Kezia is being accused of launching the coup against Jeremy Corbyn as Ian Murray (Labours sole MP in Scotland) led the charge within the shadow cabinet against Jeremy and she’s his leader in Scotland.

I must admit I am finding the Labour Party Civil War amusing, as many are, but to imply that oor Kezia is behind it all is stretching things a bit too far. Yes she is up there with Owen Smith in the insignificant politician of the year awards, but Kezia, really. My personal view is that an article in the Telegraph about Tom Watson is closer to the mark; he may well be Jeremy Corbyn’s greatest threat while he works away behind the scenes. The article notes this interesting tit-bit:

a Corbyn ally tells me the NEC decision to hold a secret ballot on whether Corbyn appears on ballot is result of “black ops” by Tom Watson.
— Heather Stewart (@GuardianHeather) July 12, 2016

Now that would not surprise me.

Whatever happens it appears that Kezia Dugdale’s time as head of the branch office is coming to an end if things continue to go bad, which they will if current trends are anything to go by. I am no fan of Kezia Dugdale but I don’t think she is nasty person, she is not up there with Ruth Davidson in the nasty stakes, but it does appear that she will be dragged into the Labour Purge if Jeremy Corbyn wins and Labour as we know it comes to an end as there is no healing the wounds in that party anymore.



  1. Brian

    Yes, she seems a decent person, but she’s out of her depth, thrashing this way and that way, looking for something solid to keep her afloat, but the lifebelt always seems beyond her reach. She’ll sink soon, I’m afraid,
    Sometimes appears naive too. Who, in their right mind would go to the USA to learn about leadership? The country that’s about to elect either Trump or Clinton as leader of the nation. While we in the UK continue to look inward, the situation in Syria shows no sign of improving. God help the west with either one of those two hawks in charge.

  2. Anonymous


    She must be mad, maybe she has decided to switch off the branch office life support now that she is probably on the way out. Kezia and bouncy castle Willie Rennie should get together and form a new SDP or something as both branch offices appear that they are closing down.

    Thanks for the link.


  3. lanark

    Does Kez really have any say over who is appointed to the branch office? But the appointment of Roden (or Rodent, as he shares many rat like characteristics), shows how bad their judgement is. If you want to win back left leaning voters, why appoint a right wing racist/homophobe?

    I used to snare the view that Kezia was a decent sort, but like everyone in Labour it seems she is solely driven by hatred for the Yes movement.

    • Anonymous

      I think she has 1 vote the same as all members. I agree with you about her, I have read some things recently put online by Labour members that cast doubt on how nice she actually is and she certainly appears to lack judgement. I think she is way out of her depth to be honest and her days are numbered, but many within Labour are blinded by hate for YES and the change that is coming no matter what they say or do.

      Thanks for commenting.


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