SNP Dream Dead!

The Scottish Daily Mail is reporting today that the SNPs dream of independence is over, it is gone, never happen, finito. We can all cancel the twitter account, stop donating to Wings, pack up our tent, our independence campaign is DEAD, we can basically get to F***.


According to the Mail GERS and the collapse of Oil have turned Scotland into a worse basket case than Greece or Spain. We not only receive more money than England but we also don’t contribute as much to the UK Treasury anymore, so we need to shut up, be thankful that the English provide us with charity and get back in that box.

The Mail points out we get more spent on us than the UK average, failing to explain as usual that during the referendum it was pointed out that with only 8.4% of the population we were contributing 9.1% of taxation, roughly £1000 more per head than the rest of the UK in taxation, the myth that we are subsidised by England is a joke and one that people like Dugdale, Rennie and Davidson are all so happy to promote.

Project Too Wee Too Poor and Too Stupid is truly alive and well in the UK today and Better Together keep chipping away at our confidence and our belief in Scottish Independence. They are very afraid that the more that Scots learn about the good old United Kingdom and how it works, the more of us will want to leave.

I have a message for the Scottish Daily Mail. I am not going back in my F****** box, I am not going away, I am not going to be cowed and you will not make me afraid. I am going to do whatever I can to campaign and fight for an Independent Scotland until the day it either happens or I pop my clogs. Project Fear part two, bring it on.




    • Anonymous

      I think there is a lot of wishful thinking going on with the Unionists, they are hoping we go away but everytime we bite back they get a little more desperate and a little more frightened. Bring it on I say.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. kailyard rules

    Aye. We can put GERS back in it’s box and send it back marked “flawed”. That rhymes with “fraud”.

    • Anonymous


      They can shove it, I never shouted about when it was supposed to favor us and won’t take it seriously now, It’s all crap if you ask me, no one really knows the state of the UK let alone Scotland, they lie through their teeth all the time.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. bjsalba

    Do remember that any headline from any one of the three top tabloids (Sun, Mail, Express) is a lie,
    SNP Dream is NOT Dead!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they are all liars, as Wings says, if they report it it’s probably not true.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. lanark

    Well said. The Daily Mail and their Britnat buddies in the press can keep spewing out their poison but every group of people on the Earth have a democratic right to choose self government and that applies to Scotland just as it does in Ukraine, Quebec or any other former colony of any empire.

    I look forward to living in a country where a bigoted rag like the Mail is irrelevant and only sold in another country (although I see they have launched an Irish edition. I wonder if it tells its readers how shite Ireland is).

    • Anonymous

      I bet they won’t say shit in N.Ireland as they know what the answer will be, there would be riots on the streets. I can’t wait until they are all gone, it amazes me they are even still in business as they can’t be selling that many copies as most people wouldn’t wipe their arse on it for fear of catching something. They are afraid though, that’s why Project Fear has never really gone away and is being ramped up a notch, we need to get ready. I need to start saving links and things for the yoons when the arguing starts in earnest. It’s only round two and I think we will have a good chance of a knockout this time.

      Thanks for commenting.


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