Was it worth £274 Million Pounds

The Daily Rancid actually ran a story yesterday that I was interested in.


Great Britain and Northern Ireland (pronounced Team GB by the BBC/SKY/ITV/STV etc) cost £274 Million pounds winning 27 Gold, 23 Silver and 17 Bronze medals in Rio 2016. That works out at £3.8 million pounds per medal. Now I blogged last week about the Olympics Boring and I am delighted it is all over.

Team GB is mainly funded by lottery funding so not directly from the Tax Payer really but we know that it is mainly working class people who buy the tickets and people on benefits are more likely to buy a ticket than those who are not, so it might as well be a tax in so many ways, but is it really worth £3.8 million pounds per medal. We did do really well in the posh sports and they receive the most funding, Rowing gets £32,622,862 and Cycling gets £30,267,816 of the funding. 32% of Team GB were privately educated, slightly down on London 2012 but still well over the population at large where only 7% go to private school, which kind of implies the wealthier you are the better chance you have of going to the Olympics.

The 2016 Olympics has cost Brazil $12 Billion Dollars, certainly less than London 2012 which cost $14.6 Billion Dollars, but an eye watering sum of money for a country that is for all sense and purposes a developing world country. Very few Olympics make a profit, London is said to have made a loss of $10.6 Billion Dollars and at a time when Brazil is closing schools and having Police Officers stay at home due to having no money, was it really worth it?

I admit to being a miserable git, Great Britain and Northern Ireland did well, but I just can’t bring myself to be happy about for it Brazil, who are basically broke, and ourselves. The money spent on the Olympics is obscene, will it inspire millions in the UK, I doubt it, and when I see the poverty around me, when I see my City really starting to look and feel broken, I just can’t find any joy in the teams achievements.



  1. bjsalba

    I don’t think that includes what the BBC spent. I read somewhere that they had over 450 people there! It also doesn’t factor in the hours of mind-numbing wittering on about it all, that we have been subjected to.

    My answer to your headline question? No, absolutely not.

    • grumpyscottishman


      Yeah I blogged the 450 staff as that is what the BBC said had went to Rio. They have so far not given out any cost and probably won’t as it would include what presenters were paid and they avoid that like the plague. I agree with you that it probably was not worth £3.8 million pounds per medal in the current climate even if that money does come from lottery funding.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Brian

    I feel much the same way as you. I’m retired a few years now, and I will admit it wasn’t until indyref that I truly opened my eyes to the state of Scotland, and the UK. We missed the opportunity to free ourselves. Now, the UK govt aided by the MSM are making the 2016 Olympics into some kind of faux patriotic, Britain-is-Great again event. For us and for Brazilians it is a prime example of “bread and circuses”, A (very expensive) distraction from reality. Good luck to the athletes who performed well. Anyone with talent will do well if they have £4m spent on them.
    It’s worth noting that even that pro-establishment rag, the Daily Mail condemns the London 2012 Olympic legacy :

    • grumpyscottishman


      Thanks for reading the blog and I totally agree with you. These things are a distraction in tough times. I have an issue with Golf being there, football, professional basketball etc. The ideal seems to have gotten lost now and there is not a lot of evidence from any Olympics of any great legacy other than debt, in our case well and truly hidden as they never include the security costs etc. I’m 47 years old, give me £3.8 million and I am sure I can get good at something, lawn bowling or something, but it just does not feel as if it was worth the cost in the current climate. Add in the drugs question and you have a very tarnished games.

      Thanks for commenting and I will check out the link.


  3. Helena Brown

    What Brian said and totally agree. The Olympic were p probably always going to be used as a political pawn even before the 1938 one. I have never been interested in sport, bores me to death, but to hear these people described as hero’s is truly dreadful. May is trying to use it to bolster her government’s stance with Europe, like 2012 it will fail. As for the money, Westminster wastes as much on a daily basis, but of course it is only the Jocks who waste money.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It is very difficult to not get so cynical about all of this crap now. I have to watch every penny every month but some politicians spend our money like there is no tomorrow on vanity projects for themselves then make the poorest pay for it twice, makes me sick. The mainstream media then go along with it and people like oursleves have to search for the truth and blog our own info to try and get some of the facts, to the best of our ability to find them, out there for others to see and hopefully search themselves. We really are living in destopian times, we really are.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. lanark

    As a cynical, crabbit so and so, I have to say that it definitely wasn’t worth it. It reminds me of the old Communist countries who used sporting wins to mask the misery their citizens faced and how decrepit their countries were.

    Will German people care that they didn’t win as many medals as Britain? No, they will care more about having factories, steelworks, shipyards and factories. Will Enda Kenny be on the phone to Theresa May asking if the Republic of Ireland can be let back into then UK because we won so many more medals? Eh, no.

    So all these proud Brits will continue driving to work for foreign owned firms in their German/Japanese/Korean/French cars or commuting in Italian or Spanish built trains. They will watch on their Chinese made electronic devices powered by French owned electricity companies and they will tell themselves they are better than anyone else.

    BBC Scotland had a sort of schizophrenic way of reporting on the olympics. Ranting on about Scottish medal success, then adding things like “as part of Team GB”. I used to be put off the idea of independence by the playing of the Scottish card that Reporting Scotland does, thinking that it would be such a shallow outlook on the world. I now realise that it is a Unionist outlook.

    Fair play to the athletes who worked and trained hard (of all countries) and I wish them happiness in their success. But spare us the Land of Hope and Glory crap.

    • jake

      It’s a lot of money to spend coaching and developing a privileged few to excel at cycling, yachting, equestrian, judo, athletics, canoeing, diving, archery, shooting, tennis, golf etc. I know of course that all those who competed and gained medals have acknowledged the support they have had in pursuing their hobby/potential career, but I just wonder how our future Dr’s, Engineers, Biochemists etc feel when they look at the ever increasing student debt they are building up as they struggle through their late teens and early twenties to establish themselves in their chosen field of endevour.
      I hope though that we now recognise training, coaching, support, investment in technology and equipment do make a demonstrably significant difference to individual and team performance and that with that knowledge and insight we provide something of that kind of support to paramedics, community nurses, social workers, fire-fighters, teachers, home-helps, surgeons, GP’s, occupational therapists, etc.

      • grumpyscottishman


        You make very good points that I agree with. I would also add in making the facilties that we are spending millions on more affordable and accessable. I was listening to a thing yesterday on the radio about the new multi millions of pounds sports institute at Stirling, I think it was stirling, it’s mainly for elite Scottish Sport and the guy was saying how great it was. It would be a base for the various national teams etc and for ordinary people. He said that gym membership was fair at £25 a month and I just thought not for someone on JSA it’s not, and who would probably get sanctioned for going anyway. We still don’t get it in our country and neither do many of the politicians, the sanctimonious crap from elite sportsmen and women I can do without.

        Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and comment.


    • grumpyscottishman

      I have always been cynical and a bit miserable, a trait I am actually thankful for to be honest, but I agree it is just a mask for all that is crap here and elsewhere. The politicians don’t know what they are doing overall, most of us get by day by day and within budget by shopping around and planning, our politicians just don’t operate the same way and while I may be nieve in thinking that we can run a union the same way surely we could try. The BBC I have given up on, as I have the msm. They are just a part of the same problem that we have faced for far too long. There really is no alternatve to independence anymore, totally agree about the land of hoipe and glory crap. The atheletes singing the national anthm on the plane home, plastered all over the news, made me want to puke. They have little idea most of them.

      Thanks for commenting.


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