‘ Whatever ‘

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, according to The Herald today, are ruling out any sort of alliance with the SNP ahead of the 2020 General Election.


Now I don’t believe for one minute that Labour will get near enough seats to form the next Government at Westminster or win any election. This means the only way that the Tories will be pushed out in 2020 is with some form of rainbow alliance at Westminster, esp once the boundaries change. Boundary changes will see parliament reduced to 600 seats from 650 making it even more difficult for Labour according to some. However, some MPs within Labour are conceding that an alliance might be the only path open to the party to gain power at Westminster.

The Herald reported that Shadow Scottish Secretary Dave Anderson, an MP for a constituency in England, provoked a backlash from British Labour in Scotland when he suggested an SNP deal may be “the price that we have to pay to prevent another rabid right-wing Tory government”.

One of the really ironic parts of the story is British Labour in Scotland branch manager Kezia Dugdale said a deal with the Nationalists “just wouldn’t work” and Anderson’s predecessor, Ian Murray, said advocates of an SNP deal demonstrate “a lack of understanding of the political dynamic in Scotland”. Ian Murray accusing anyone of a lack of understanding of politics in Scotland makes me laugh.

Neil Findlay MSP, you know the non socialist socialist in British Labour in Scotland, has stated that “I don’t think the SNP will be able to take any comfort from a Jeremy Corbyn victory. Personally I don’t think the SNP will care either way if Corbyn wins the Labour Party civil war. Findlay goes on to say,

“Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Scotland and it will be made clear that there will be no progressive alliance with the SNP. “The SNP does not act progressively in government, but seeks to talk progressively at Westminster where it has no power. “Providing a credible and Socialist radical alternative to nationalism is what Jeremy is all about and we’ll be making an appeal to the people of Scotland on that basis.

I think Neil ‘ the socialist ‘ Findlay will find that that boat has truly sailed and is another one who is in denial about the changed landscape of Scottish Politics.

There is no alternative to the march to independence any more. I understand why the SNP might feel the need to hold out an olive branch to Labour as they did at the last general election, demonstrating the party’s willingness to do the best for Scotland in Westminster, but I wouldn’t.

Labour are a sham of a party, and while some members in England are fighting to find it’s lost soul, here in Scotland the northern branch are infected with Blairites and non entities who are filled with anger and hate for everything that brings more democracy to Scotland, while having no ideas what so ever on how to make things better. British Labour in Scotland lost it’s soul a long time ago and there are no signs of that returning any time soon.

Labour voters in Scotland have already demonstrated they would rather vote Tory than bring greater democracy to Scotland, and that is why they will continue to lose and lose badly. Ruling out an alliance with the SNP, even if one were offered, just shows the lengths they will go to protect their union. Corbyn is showing himself to be no better and no different to Dugdale and her Blue Labour collegues if the Herald is to be believed. But to be honest, I would imagine the response from many within the SNP and the greater YES movement will be,


Off topic a wee bit.

I don’t buy the Herald but it does go for the SNP BAD/Nationalists EVIL mantra a lot these days but Newsquest who own The Herald, also own The National, that fact has helped me stop even purchasing The National. I don’t want to give a single penny to any group who owns and prints the rag that is The Herald.



  1. lanark

    British Labour in Scotland have no idea what they stand for or what they can offer society. They are entirely driven by their hatred of the SNP/Yes. It is all that sustains them.

    I sympathise with many of Corbyn’s views and I think he is a decent human being but he is after all yer another British nationalist with little knowledge or interest in Scotland. How he squares that with his support for Irish nationalism is something only he and his close associates know. I do hope he wins the leadershio contest, as it will tear the Red Tories apart.

    I bought the National and Sunday Herald but like yourself, with a heavy heart, I have stopped. The Herald is such a virulently anti Scottish newspaper that I can no longer support Newsquest.

    • Anonymous


      I have no idea what Labour stand for anymore in Scotland. They are just all Union and SNP bad and nothing in between, the article implies they even matter when they don’t really other than watching them die off as a party. They are just red and blue Tories to me now.

      Corbyn is a weird one for me. Sometimes I have sympathy for him but as you say he sees N Ireland as a country but not Scotland, doesn’t square for me at all. If I have any respect for him it would only be that he has shown a degree of consistency over years and is trying to get some sort of values into the red Tories but he is no friend of Scotland so ultimately I’m not going to lose sleep on who wins their civil war as I don’t really care all that much.

      I miss having a paper to read I really do but they are all liars and I just won’t give them a penny. I had to stop the National, a) it wasn’t that good and I could get most of the stories on the net and it was only the Herald playing both sides and b) I felt that I was being taken for a ride every time I bought it. Maybe one day a paper will come along that we can get behind.

      Thanks for commenting as always.


  2. bjsalba

    I think once the HoC seats are reduced (and from what I hear the new constituencies are gerrymandered to keep the Tories in power for decades), Labour won’t have a chance with or without SNP.

    I also suspect that the UK media has thorough such a thorough job demonizing the SNP that it would alienate certain segments of the English electorate (particularly Labourites who have gone to UKIP), so Corbyn dare not agree to an alliance with SNP.

    At this point, I really don’t see that anything Labour does will matter as far as Scotland is concerned, so you are quite right to say “Whatever”.

    • Anonymous


      Thatcher did it as well in the 90’s to try and boost the Tory vote in Scotland, didn’t work but it will in England and will put Labour even further back with little chance of ever forming a Government again unless the Tories really go into melt down. You’re correct about the demonizing of the SNP down south, I forget about that and how much the English voters have been brainwashed into hating the SNP. You are spot on in that case that Corbyn had better not try to form an alliance, Labour might just die you know altogether.

      Thanks for commenting.


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