The Herald and Selective Reporting

The Herald had a side headline today (click on image to enlarge) that Trump and Putin are less disliked than the SNP by voters who voted leave in the recent EU Referendum and you know what, they are correct , but only when you look at the results of the yougov poll and decide to go purely SNP BAD on your analysis.


But when you look at the results of the poll you can start to paint a different picture to the extent that the headline could have read SNP favored more in Scotland than Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, The Conservative Party, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, David Davis, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, David Cameron, George Osbourne and MP’s generally and you would have been equally correct. Only Barak Obama was more favorable, but for the life of me I don’t know why.

This is just another example of the SNP BAD mantra from the Unionist media in Scotland that we have sadly come to expect, and the absolute fact that you just cannot and should not trust anything they say, but again, as Wings has pointed out, it’s all in the headline. Lets all start pointing out this crap to as many people as we know who get their news from these people, and sadly believe it. We can be in no doubt that when any story reports the SNP are bad at something you really do need to dig a little deeper, analyze the stats for yourself, and more importantly put them into the correct context, I find stats interesting (yes I know) but I have learned that when it comes to the Scottish Government, the SNP and the Unionist media, the headline is rarely the truth and the truth more informative than the headline.

YouGov Results



    • grumpyscottishman

      I’ve pretty much given up on the BBC as far as balance, truth or fairness goes. They are just a part of the crap unionist media in this country. No ethics and no honour, the plaything of the owners. When I saw the headline I thought I would have a wee look and there you go, selective reporting in the extreme as usual.

      Thanks for commenting.


  1. lanark

    The Unionist press need to explain clearly why Scotland and its people are unique among all the inhabitants of the Earth in that we are totally incapable of governing ourselves.

    There aee a whole herd of journalists making a living out of trolling the SNP and the Yes movement.

  2. grumpyscottishman


    That is a good point and I have never considered that, but I don’t suppose anyone in the unionist media will feel the need to explain why Scotland appears to be treated differently and why we can’t govern ourselves, maybe they can speak to Johann Lament, she thinks it’s genetics.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Anonymous

    I won’t be watching it but get ready for the never ending Team GB until they are home, get their bus tour, which I believe is in the north, Manchester. isn’t that the middle, but anyway I will await the first yoon reporter suggesting that YES is dead following team cost millions GB doing so well and how little Scotland would never have been able to afford to send 1 person let alone a team.

    Thanks for reminding me lol.


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