Owen Smith, Blue Labour!

I was trying to catch up a little today about the joke that is the Labour Party Leadership Contest and that got me thinking, while winning general elections is obviously vital, if it means giving up your soul then it is just not worth it. The more I learn about Owen Smith the more I’m convinced he has done just that.


Owen Smith is Blue Labour through and through, let’s be clear on that.

But when I was thinking about the contest today I had a wee giggle as Owen Smith is all over the media accusing the Tories (his brothers and sisters) of privatising the NHS in England. This is the same Owen Smith who has confirmed in the past that he supported PFI, yeah the policy that is causing tax payers never-ending debt all over the UK but in particular Scotland. This is the same Owen Smith who supports privatisation, supports Trident and abstained with his fellow Blue Labour Tories Kendall, Burnham, and Yvette Cooper on the Welfare Bill (disgusting word welfare). It’s only since standing against Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership that Owen Smith has suddenly found his socialism but not so sure his democracy.

Many on the right of Labour, even Watson by the look of things, blame Corbyn for the state of the party. Many within Labour hate being called Red Tories or Blue Tories, esp in Scotland. They call for the end of the term but why should anyone stop calling them that. Actions speak louder than words and RED AND BLUE TORIES they are, Owen Smith now being their leader in waiting. I mean come on, any party going to the High Court, using members money, to stop 130,000 new members voting in the leadership contest are pretty much Tories. Only Tories would use the membership fees of those promised a vote when they joined the party to stop them actually having a vote in the party they joined, the dystopian Blue Red Tory part of the Labour Party of which Owen Smith is a signed up member.

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership the Labour Party in England has found its lost soul, or many within it have, but this is being undermined by the Blue Red Tories who managed to get Owen Smith to stand against Corbyn. The dark siths of New Labour don’t care about values, or socialism, or people. They care about themselves, about power, about position, they sure as hell don’t care about what the Labour Party once stood for. Many blame Blair for the mess that is Labour now but for me it started with Kinnock.

I am no fan of Corbyn and pretty much despise Labour, I recognise that Corbyn needs to stop talking to momentum members all the time and start spreading his wings to other voters or he might lose to the populist tory Smith. But if Owen Smith does win the leadership contest then Labour are finished, those members who are fighting the good fight will have to leave the party because it will be a party with no soul. It will be a party that might as well sit on the same benches as the Tories and it will leave millions of people across England, esp the north, without any political voice leaving the door open to UKIP to fill the gap.



    • East Neuker

      They’re not left wing- UKIP are a bunch of populist fascists peddling snake oil, but people in the north of England seem to be turning to them anyway because they want to lash out against the “establishment”, and some blame immigrants for their plight.
      They feel abandoned by a Labour Party which is in total, broken disarray in England and fast becoming an irrelevance in Scotland. In Scotland there is somewhere else for that vote to go. Unfortunately in England, and Wales, UKIP are selling their poison effectively.

      • Anonymous

        East Neuker

        I totally agree, Labour voters in the north gave the establishment a kicking during the EU Referendum and are turning away from the Labour right. A Smith win I think will be the end of Labour as a credible force for a long time in English politics. The members of momentum will either have to fight for the soul of the party, deselect the right wing Blue Labour MPs or leave the party and think of going somewhere else, TUSC maybe. Either way when the Tories are there for the taking Labour are using members money on a civil war and the only time they work together is when they join with the other unionists to fight the SNP. They are all a bunch of scumbags, independence can’t come quick enough for me now. The UK is broken beyond repair, we are watching history as it falls apart before our eyes.

        Thanks for commenting.


    • Anonymous


      I don’t think UKip are on the left at all but I think they will try to fill the gap if Labour go more to the right with Owen Smith. Owen Smith can say he is left of centre all he wants but actions speak louder than words and under Smith Labour will chase the same votes as the Tories, this will leave the North of England with little choice. Labour are taking the North for granted as they did in Scotland and will pay a very heavy price if Smith wins in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.


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